Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

August 12, 2020

Returning Registration

If you are having trouble doing the online registration, or are not sure if your student is all set to return to school on August 24th, please feel free to call the office at 260-1345 and we can make sure you're all set.

Applications for Free/Reduced lunch are now available online!!

Please go to http://mealapp.kpbsd.org to apply now. The school will have a limited supply of paper copies, so if you have access to complete the application online, we encourage you to do that so we have enough paper copies for families without internet access. Please also read the information below in the news release for more information for how lunches will work for remote learners.
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Big picture

New Volunteer Process

This year the volunteer screening process has changed. Rather than having multiple JobIDs for different school locations, this year there is one JobID (7556) for Districtwide volunteers. You still must complete the application and be approved before visiting or volunteering in the classrooms, but this way you are approved for all your kids' schools at the same time! To apply, go to kpbsd.k12.ak.us and click on "volunteer" and follow the links.

Boys and Girls Club is FREE!

The Kasilof Boys and Girls Club received a grant allowing for FREE membership for all Tustumena students. If your student is registered for Tustumena (either remote or on-site), they will qualify for free membership. Even if you aren't sure how often you will use it, or maybe won't until later in the year, please register NOW so they can figure out staffing and planning. Boys and Girls Club will follow suit with your registration for school. As in, if you are registered remotely, your membership will be remote (there will be pick up kits) and if you are registered for on-site attendance, you may attend at the school. Unfortunately, if you are not registered through Tustumena, you are unable to attend Kasilof Boys and Girls Club. You MUST re-register even if you were registered and attended at the end of the last school year. Here is the link for registering: https://online.traxsolutions.com/bgckp/kasilof#/dashboard