Islamic Trivia & Qur’an Competition

Qur’an Memorization (When? Feb. 18, 2014)

1. KG: Surat Al-Duha

2. 1st Grade: Surat At-Tarik

3. 2nd Grade: Surat At-Takweer

4. 3rd Grade: Surat Al-Muzzammil

5. 4th Grade: SuratAs-Saff

6. 5th Grade: Surat Al-Mumtahanah

7. 6th Grade: Surat At-Toor

8. 7th Grade: Surat Al-Hujurat

9. 8th Grade: Surat Al-Jathiah

10. 9th -12th Grade: Surat Maryam

Islamic Trivia (Due on Feb. 18 with the Hifth Contest)

KG to 5th Grade: Oral questions about The Prophet’s (SAAW) lineage, his birth, the custody of The Prophet SAAW, and The Prophet SAAW’s youth.

Essay Contest about Prophet Mohammad (SAAW)

For Grades 6-12 (Due on Feb. 13th)

Write an essay explaining one of the following topics:

a. The Events that Happened before the Revelation.

b. The Story of the Revelation

c. The Secret Daawah Stage (The first 3 years)

d. The Night Journey of Al-Isra’ and Al-Miiraj


Grades 6-7: 1.5-2 pages long

Grades 8-10: 2-2:5 pages long

Grades 11-12: 2.5-3 pages

Your essay should be original, no copying or plagiarism. Include a proper introduction, body, and conclusion. In your essays, be sure to do the following:

1) Choose one of the topics listed above

2) Explain the significance of that particular topic on Islam as a whole and why knowing about this event is important for Muslims

3) Write in Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced. Include a creative title which relates to your topic.

Even though you will turn in your essay on Feb. 13th , make sure you are able to answer some questions about your essay to the two judges on Feb. 18th .