Senior Prom Pay-Back

Neeraj and His Credit Card Debt

2015 Prom will look like a picnic compared to Neeraj's Junior prom!!

Last year, Neeraj and his fancy-smancy prom date got a little generous with their spending on the night of the dance.

"I don't really remember why I bought this new surfboard... I live in Nevada!", he complains as he looks at his $21,000 pending debt with his American Express financial adviser.

Neeraj set himself back $21,000 of money he doesn't have, in an escapade of shopping last year. He figures he was trying to impress his senior friends, giving he's only a junior. He and his adviser figure he'll have to sacrifice a sum of $350 a month for five consecutive years to pay off his $21,000 debt he holds with his credit card company.

His adviser makes the joke. "Maybe this year, you'll only buy HALF of the restaurant, their meal."