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Some symptoms are that it can cause your body to not have any nervous systems.If your body doesn't have any nervous systems your hearing,taste buds,eye sight,and nose loses some of its jobs.

How it enters the body

It enters the body by the saliva of the infected animal,it is commonly saliva from a bite that the mammal did.It can also enter your body if you have an open wound then the saliva would splash into mucous membranes such as the eyes,nose or mouth.

How did Rabies get its name

Rabies got its name by the meaning mad,fury,furious,rave,and rage.It makes the mammals angry and it looks like they are mad.It was discovered by this person "Louis Pasteur" a Italian Physician.

How to prevent Rabies

1.Vaccinate your pets that are mammals.

2.Keep an eye on your pet to make sure it doesn't get Rabies from another animal.

3.Do not try and pet a wild animal if it is acting strangely.

4.Have your pets spayed or neutered so they'll be more likely to stay home.

History of Rabies

Rabies is a ancient disease.It is described on the Egyptians dating back to 2300 B.C.It is a disease based on a mammals saliva.The virus is transmitted by a bite from the infected animal.Rabies virus may affect the brain and that's what changes the behavior of animals.