Wabash River, Indiana (Prophets town)

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To unify all Indians from the Great Lakes to the Mexican Gulf and gain back land from the

White men.

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Shawnee Tribal education.

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  • Marksman with a bow.

  • Marksman with a musket.

  • Excellent hunter.

  • Predicts eclipses.

  • Speaks English and Algonquian.

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  • Lead attacks settlers moving down the Ohio River in flatboats.

  • Fought under the leadership of Miami Chief Little Turtle that forced Harmar’s troops to withdraw.

  • Destroyed the army of General Arthur St. Clair near the headwaters of the Wabash River in 1791.

  • Recruiting Native Americans who wanted to join the Pan-American movement.

  • Fought among the Cherokee Indians against white settlers in Georgia.

  • Accompanied his brother, a Shawnee war leader, to battles in Ohio and Kentucky against white settlers.

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Honors and Activities

  • Tribal War Chief.
  • Military Leader.
  • Led the resistance with powerful speeches and leadership qualities.
  • Participated in many major battles of the War of 1812.

  • Helped General Isaac Brock take the American stronghold at Detroit.

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  • Chiksika
  • Fought along side Tecumseh leading the Native American resistance to the continued spread of white settlement in the Ohio River valley.
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