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Jeremiah Russell

Hammerhead Shark

what they eat

The hammerhead shark eats alot of fish and, plankton.Atleats the humans keep fish,shrimp,and,plankton in the ocean.Hammerhead sharks sharp teeth help them rip their prey.Hammerhead sharks easaly because thei'r sharp teeht kill fish in

seconds. The Hammerhead shark is a carnivore.The hammerhead shark is a

carnivore because they eat fish.The hmmerhead shark also eat alot of plankton and shrimp.Most hammerhead sharks dont like to eat people at all.Hammerhead sharks hate to eat seeweed.


The hammerhead shark lives in the ocean under the sea.The hammerhead sharks pack can kill almost anything.The ecosystem of the hammerhead shark

s enviorment is very big [HUGE]

Humans Harm Sharks

Hammerhead sharks can die from people shooting them.When they half too kill hammerhead sharks they usuly put them in a reastraunt or a suefla.If the humans kill alot of hammerhead sharks they could come enstincked for life.The hammerhead shark is the fastest swimmer in th ocean.Catching hammerhead sharks.

Humans Help Shark

Humans could help this shark or mamal live.People could go out to the middle of the ocean and feed the hammerhead shark fish.Not shooting the hammerhead shark to just kill them.To not serve hammerhead shark at reastraunts.To not put them in a cage and let them suffer.

Special Behaviors

One speacal behavoir is it migrates.Another is it has the best eyes in the world.The hammerheads agility is lightning fast.The hammerhead shark is very strong


Other Notes

Hammerhead sharks are the worlds fastest sharks ever.Hamerhead sharks are so fast that they turn pose eat there prey.Hammerhead sharks can see behined there head.


It survives with the gills on its stomach. The gills on its stomach help it breath.The gills kind of intimadates its prey to turn it to die.

World's Deadliest - Hammerhead Sharks