Baseball Gloves

Where do they come from?


Geography and Globalization influence people to live where they do because the climate and physical features play a big role within the decision because that will affect the population in the area which will then lower jobs or increase jobs accordingly which will make people work for less because they want to feed themselves and their families.

My claim:

Geography affects population, profit, and expenses.

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China's Population

China Has been out growing leading countries for decades!

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Natural Resources

Gloves have traditionally been made out of leather. Early gloves were made from range cattle hides, which were tough and durable, while modern gloves are often made of softer leather. Gloves made from this leather need much less time to break in, but tend to wear out sooner. ("Science of Baseball: Baseball Gloves | Exploratorium." Science of Baseball: Baseball Gloves | Exploratorium. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Mar. 2016.)
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Tracking, and Manufactering

The leather is manufactured in Donguan Guandong at JD's Leather goods, which is then exported to Sanimax Leather in Montreal but before they start producing leather they get imports from St Helens Meat Packers which send them animal hide that are left over to recycle them. Once they are done they are then exported out to GreenVille where they start to be produced into Baseball gloves. Once the gloves are done with the manufacturing process they are sent out to Sports Unlimited, and the Dicks Sporting Goods district center, from Sports Unlimited they are sold, but the ones sent to the Dick Sporting Goods District center, are then shipped out to the Dicks Sporting Goods in Texas and California.

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If China does not have enough animals to support the cows they will have a shortage of gloves which will then lower the supply and raise the demand which will cause the gloves to increase in price.

If China raises the price on the leather in order to create the gloves they will then be forced to either A buy from another seller or B keep buying from China which will be more expensive which could possibly shut down the business or put them in serious debt if they can not afford it.

China is huge in manufacturing leather which causes other countries that also are big in leather goods to be lowered income because China is stealing most customers.

A problem that could occur with this manufacturing is that if they do not buy a shipment of required materials in order to make the gloves then they will be in a back order of gloves which will cost them a lot of money.


A solution to the third one given is that the competition could simply just lower their prices which could bring back their buyers which would allow them to make money but the buyers can make profit so everyone is happy.

Pros of Globalization

  • Helps the economy
  • Enables free trade
  • Helps communication between business's
  • Manufacturing becomes easier

Cons Of Globalization

  • Lowers Jobs
  • Increases the amount of poor people
  • Hurts Environment
  • Spread Of Diseases
  • Not All Countries Benefit

Globalization and Me?

Globalization is something that people now a days are growing up with and around. When I grow older and get a college degree and go to work everyday this will affect me. This is for the main reason that I will be communicating with companies, buyers, and people but not by mail from skype and other communication devices, these will allow us to communicate to each other live. The world will revolve on the web and I shall encounter many problems in the future with this but it will be faster and more efficient. Problems that would happen is if internet go's out it could possibly hurt the business because we would not have the ability to communicate with them which then could decrease profits and hurt the business.

My Claim:

Where I live influences my pay.