Be Scientific

Science facts you should know

The Universe and the Earth

What is the universe?

The whole world and everything is beyond the universe. The universe is all stars and planets.


  • Your made of the same stuff that stars are made of
  • Theres a huge group of stars in space, they're called galaxies, they're like gigantic star cities
  • The Big Bang explosion sent the young universe flying in all directions. Over vast

ages of time, bits came together to make galaxies

When Did it Begin?

Many astronomers think that everything in the universe, was packe together in a small lump. About 15 billion years ago, was a gigantic explosion wich they call the Big Bang.

Will the Universe end?

Astronomers think the univers will go on getting bigger as the galaxies speed apart. Others think, galaxies may one day start falling back toward each other until they crash together.


  • Astronomers are scientisr who study stars, and planets
  • No one knows where material to make the universe came from

What is the Milky Way?

The Milky Way is the galaxie that we live in. It's made of stars you can see at night and more you can't see.


  • The Milky way is a spiral galaxy
  • From the side, a spiral galaxy is like two fried eggs stuck together
  • The Milky Way got its name because at night we sometimes see part of it looking like a band of milky white light across the sky
  • Astronomers usually give galaxies numbers instead of names, only a few have names that tell us why they look like, the whirlpool, the Sambrero, the Black Eye, for example

How Many Stars Are There?

About 1,000 billion stars in the Milky Way, thats about 200 stars for every person on Earth.

What Are Stars?

Stars are made of gases like the air around us. Two main gases in stars are hyrogen and helium. Stars make heat and light from that.