Daniel Story

By Carol Matas

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Frankfurt, Germany 1940s


Hitler and True Germans Vs. Jews and other non true Germans
Kristallnacht "Night of broken glass"

"Jews for Sale. Who wants them? No one," a sign.

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Many times the setting was a train. The train transported Daniel, his family, and many other Jews to a ghetto or a concentration camp.

Vocab Words

Barracks: A building or group of buildings used to house soldiers.

Ghetto: A part of a city, especially a slum area occupied by a minority group or groups.

Typhoid: An infectious bacterial fever with an eruption of red spots on the chest and abdomen and severe intestinal irritation.

"What can you expect from a Jew?" Mr.Schneider said.

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Daniel's photo album was important to him.

"No Jews or Dogs Allowed," a pool sign.

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Daniel's Camera was important to him.

"Every live Nazi is one more we can put on trial," Father said.

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Hans was once Daniel's best friend.
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The setting was once Daniel's school. At school he got criticized for being Jewish.
Shocking Footage from Auschwitz Concentration Camp


Daniel vs Himself

He was about to jump in the fire pit with all the other burning Jewish bodies. Instead he found the will to live.

"We will name our children after those murdered and we will go to Palestine and help build a country. We will dedicate our lives to making sure this can never, ever happen again." Rosa said.


Don't judge people by their race or religion.
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