Gray Wolf Gazette

February 15 - February 19, 2016

Pioneer Trail Mission

Creating a community of learners where students' are actively engaged to reach their full potential and display positive character.

Character Trait: Honesty

Great Student-Led Conferences!

Student-Led Conferences went very well. Thank you all for your hard work in planning and helping your students share their learning with parents. If you still have a few parents you haven't been able to get into the building, a traditional phone conference about current mid-term grades is acceptable, unfortunately the student does not get to share their learning with their parent. Turn your signature sheets into Heather next week if you haven't already. We are still working for 100%!

These Four Questions Should Be On Your Mind Daily.....

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Nuts and Bolts

We are looking for parents to nominate for PTO board and committee positions for next year. If you have a great parent in your class, please ask if they might be interested and send Suzy their name! We need nominations by the end of the month. Thank you!

Infinite Campus grade books must be updated by the end of each Tuesday with the previous weeks grades.

I need any requests for summer repairs or maintenance by Friday, February 19th. The district is not purchasing new furniture, but requests can be made to repair existing furniture.

Make sure your grade level team share files with math data are up to date by the end of each month.

Scott and I will be completing walk-thru's and scheduling summative evaluation meetings over the next few weeks. Probationary teachers will need Growth Plans completed in the shared summative form by the time we return next week. All other teachers need growth plans completed by Monday, Feb. 29th.

If your grade level plans to take a field trip this year you will need to start planning it now. Use the Field Trip Checklist ( in the faculty binder) to follow the procedures for approval and payments. Field trips need to be scheduled to take place by the end of April. All grade levels are expected to take a field trip that is connected with an aspect of the curriculum. PTO pays for the bus for a field trip in each grade level.

Tech repairs are rising and many are being caused by dirty filters that cause bulb failure. At $100-$300 a bulb, a little preventative maintenance could go a long way. Clean your filters at least once a month. Let's make each assembly day "Filter Friday" so it is easier to remember!

No more staff referrals for Sped evals after February 19th. Please get your last TST meetings scheduled as soon as possible.

You will need to have your conference percentages to Heather by Thursday, Feb. 18th.

A community organization has asked if we have any globes they could borrow for

table top decorations at their fundraising dinner. If you have one you can lend from your room or storage closet just leave it in the office and I will get them labeled and returned to you after the event in early March.

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Shout Out to Pioneer Trail Staff and Students!

Thank you for making me feel welcome in my transition to Pioneer Trail! I have a lot to learn in order to become a true Gray Wolf, but I am really excited to be part of this school and am really looking forward to working with and getting to know each of you!

February Staff Appreciation Breakfast

Congratulations to LeighAnn Long and Ashley Angle!

Ashley Angle

Ashley is so caring with her young kindergarten friends. She listens to all their stories, problems and concerns. I enjoy seeing her smile int he halls. Ashley makes Pioneer Trail a great place.

Leigh Ann Long

Leigh Ann is the model of "hard working and motivated". She comes to school everyday smiling and ready to tackle whatever challenge comes her way. Ms. Long works with as many kids, parents and teachers that she can each day, providing support and guidance that only a school counselor can. Ms. Long take on new challenges with a "can do" attitude and isn't afraid to problem solve creatively. She has the zones in each classroom, providing self calming strategies and emotional regulation skills, which our students need. Thank you Ms. Long for all that you do!

Get Your Quad D On.....

Send us examples of deep thinking and real world learning that is taking place in your classroom and we will highlight it! Here is an example from North Elementary....
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Explicit Teaching of Expectations

Are your students meeting your expectation for following routines and procedures? Have you explicitly taught, modeled and reinforced what you expect to see? To hear? Students will do what we allow them to do. If they are not doing what we intend for them to do, we have to take time to teach them. We have to be crystal clear in what we want to see and hear from them and then be consistent in our follow through. Here is a short clip that does a great job of illustrating this for you.
Activity 2b Setting the Tone from Day One

Remember 4:1 - Positive office referrals are one great way to recognize your students (or coworkers)! Link it back to the matrix if at all possible.

Calendar of Events

Monday, February 15 - No School!

Presidents Day

Tuesday, February 16

Culp Out AM

Teamwork Tuesday

8:15 Superflex Lessons start

12:15 Fine Arts Recruitment Day for Fifth Grade

1:20 TST (White)

3:30 Service Plan

Wednesday, February 17

Suzy and Scott Out All Day - ICLE Leadership PD

Thursday, February 18

7:30 JCPS Staff Appreciation Breakfast - Congratulations Ms. Angle and Ms. Long!!!

7:30 Service Plan

7:30 TST (J. Bax)

9:30 TST (Bopp)

1:20 TST (White)

2:10 IEP (Ferguson)

Friday, February 19

Carel, Juneau, and Dampf - Math ICLE - out all day

7:50 Summative (Berhorst)

9:40 Summative (Churchill)

2:00 JCPS Elem Counsleor's meeting

Thought for the Week.....

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