Restaurant Owner

By: Jack Irene

The Salary

The average salary is in between about $40,000 and $98,000. If you own a restaurant for 10 to 19 years you can even achieve $100,000 a year! In Florida, there is a possibility that you can earn up to $175,000 annually.

The Requirements

You must have a bachelors degree to run a restaurant. Experience in the restaurant industry is also a benefit to have. You need to also have the skills required of a chef, even if you don't want to cook.
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Why I Want To?

I want to own a restaurant because I can use my creativity in my job! It is also a great business opportunity! I will serve every kind of cuisine from every nation.


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Job Description

With the joy of owning a restaurant, there are a lot of duties that come with it. You must deal with hiring and firing workers, and training those workers. There are also plenty of financial issues that must be resolved. Being a restaurant owner is not an easy task and many fail quite early.