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  • “What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” — Alfred Mercier

EDS Graduating Class of 2018

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Bottom row, left to right: Shadia Mustafa, Rachel Staples, Aliya Kattash, Olivia Crain, Anna Guidry, Mallory LeBleu, Emma Nixon, Jasmeen Thind, Pawan Preet Thind, Megan Grubb

Second row, left to right: Jack Ivey, Preston Williamson, Kaitlin Miller, Tyler Brink, Arden Turner

Third row, left to right: Jacob Weaver, Carson Black, Andrew Rasbeary, Dillon Royer, Nikolai Karpovs, Nathan Cox, Thomas Shimer

Fourth row, left to right: Tylar Joseph, Samuel Goldman, Nicholas Wolf, Owen Daigle, Parker Stewart,

Fifth row, left to right: Matthew Melton, Niko Wukovits, Miller Leach

Featured Alumni:

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Simarpreet Chadha, EDS Class of 2013, has just completed is first year at Yale University. Even before entering one of the top universities in the nation, Simar's resume is impressive. While attending Barbe high school, Simar served with the following organizations: Student Council: Vice President, Future Business Leaders of America: President, Varsity Football team member, and the National Honor Society.

Not only did he excel within school, he was an active member of the Lake Charles Community. He chaired the Lifeshare Blood Drive at Barbe, collecting enough blood to save more than 600 lives. He tutored underprivileged kids during the summer at the Price Miller Center and was teh assistant coach with the Goosport youth basketball league. He was a peer tutor at Barbe, and the assistant coach at the Barbe youth football camps.

Academically, Simar has more than excelled. He was a National Merit Finalist, an AP National Scholar, and his graduating class' Valedictorian.

Last year, Simar was the recipient of the EDS Parent Guild Alumni Scholarship. To receive this honor, Simar submitted a completed application, a written essay, and an official high school transcript. Simar's essaym which answered the question "How do you feel that your experience at Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School has prepared you for your future?" was particularly moving and he was asked to read it at the May 8th grade graduation ceremony. Below are a few excerpts from his speech:

I can still vividly recall almost every memory from these buildings that I called school for over twelve years of my life. I remember learning how to write sentences in first grade with Mrs. Frost. I remember the minute multiplication tests Mrs. Caples gave us every Tuesday. I remember how mad I would be in fifth grade when I heard Mrs. Castle’s room march down the hallways to recess five minutes early while we had to sit and listen to Mrs. Kay teach till the last second. I remember the endless grammar rule worksheets assigned by Mrs Kelley, the continual accelerated math lessons from Mrs. Leboeuf, and the numerous books annotated for Ms. Curry. I can remember it all.

For as much as we studied, I could still stand here for hours and reminisce over my glory days when we consistently destroyed St. Margaret and ICCS in just about every sport and even OLQH on some of our better days. The hallways were always cheerful, the classrooms always vibrant (except during SAT testing week, of course), and the endless memories of fun that I had here will forever hold a special place in my heart.

EDS prepared me for life more than I could have ever imagined. This school, this faculty, and that work are the fundamental reasons that I have found success now and in the future. Mrs. Kelley’s grammar worksheets were the reason my ACT English score was nearly perfect. Mrs. Lebeouf’s accelerated math assignments and Mrs. Caples’ minute math quizzes gave me the strong foundation that allowed me to ace AP calculus. Mrs. Curry’s endless pages of annotations taught me how to analyze high school literature at a proficient level before I ever set foot on Barbe’s campus. Above all else, EDS taught me how to manage my time, gave me a strong work ethic, and instilled in me a lifelong love for learning that will take me well beyond my years in high school and college. Without EDS, I couldn’t promise that I would still be Barbe’s Valedictorian. Without EDS, I couldn’t promise that I would still be attending Yale next year. Without EDS, I can promise you that I would not be the man who I am today and for that I am truly thankful. The friends, memories, and values this faculty gave me, have and will guide me in every step of life that I take.

Advancing the Vision

We are more than halfway to our goal!

Through Phase 2 of the Advancing the Vision Capital Campaign, and the hard work of the Board of Trustees and EDS staff, $691,163 of the $1.1 million goal has been gifted and pledged toward the building fund thus far. We are scheduled to break ground this summer.

The Projects

Middle School and High School Facilities

On the new south campus, EDS plans to house grades 7th through 12th. This will free up classroom space on the north campus, allowing the lower school to triple section each grade. This will increase enrollment that will filter up to the high school. The new facilities will also be designed to embrace 21st century learning and teaching. The new building will include:

· 6 core classrooms

· 2 STEAM labs

· 1 band instructional space

· 1 choral instructional space

Campus Life Center and Gymnasium

A full size competition gymnasium will eliminate the need to travel to other schools for practices and will advance the success of our athletic programs. The gym will house volleyball and basketball courts, two potential classrooms, and seating for students, parents, and guests.

Academic Learning Commons

The Commons area is truly the heart of the school. This setting facilitates self-directed and small group work. This flexible instructional space will be configured for project based learning, presentations, workshops and research. It will be ideal for 21st century, student-centered learning. The Commons will also provide a place for gathering throughout the day in a welcoming, comfortable setting.

Recent Events at EDS

Alumni News

  • The following EDS alumni qualified for State Rally:
  1. Cecile Girard - English IV
  2. Phillip Melton - Algebra II
  3. Andy Kay - Environmental Science
  4. Christi Kruger - Environmental Science
  5. Chloe Camel - English II
  6. Mary Brooks Donald - Find Arts Survey
  7. Emeline Watson - Fine Arts Survey
  8. Sarah Currie - Spanish II
  9. Piper Gilmore - Geometry
  10. Bela Syed - Biology II

  • The following EDS alumni qualified for state in the following sports:
  1. Track: Michael Aleshire, Seth Bouillion, Elizabeth Rubino, Andy Kay, Jordan Lundy, and Wesley Maze.
  2. Golf: Madison Bernier, Natalie Clemmons, Abby Rowland, and Andrew Castle.
  3. Tennis: Scotti Moffett, and Elise Bourque
  4. Wrestling: Wesley Maze
  5. Soccer: Andy Kay, and Michael Aleshire

  • The following alumni graduated with honors from Barbe High School
  1. Summa Cum Laude: Carson McBroom, Austin Wolf, Patrick Adeousun, Catherine Walker, Bella Syed, Elizabeth Rubino, Katherine Rubino, Emily Smith, and Cecile Girard

  2. Magna Cum Laude: Hasan Mir

  • The following alumni graduated with honors from St. Louis Catholic High School
  1. National Honor Society: Lauren Edwards, Benjamin Guilbeau III, Andrew Kay, Connor McLaughlin, Anna Kate Queenan, Emeline Watson, and Abigail Weaver
  2. Emeline Watson was the Student of the Year
  3. Abby Weaver was awarded the Seal of Biliteracy for completing four years of a foreign language.
  4. Kaitlin Guillory was awarded the Geraldine Moreaux Memorial Scholarship.
  5. Madison Bernier, Emeline Watson, Abby Weaver, Andy Kay, Ben Guilbeau, and Connor McLaughlin all received scholastic scholarships to their future colleges.
  6. Seth Bouillion received a track scholarship at LA Tech.

  • Jack Ivey, EDS Class of 2018, was selected for the Barbe High School Marching Band.
  • Evan Marque, EDS Class of 2016, was selected for the Barbe High School Marching Band Pit Captain
  • Olivia Crain, EDS Class of 2018, was selected for the Sam Houston High School Volleyball Team.

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