Early Excellence Express

August 20, 2020


The excitement continues to build for EEA staff members as we come closer and closer to our first day of school!

As we begin to prepare for return, safety remains our top priority. This week we want to pass on three safety measures that will aid in lessening transmission of COVID-19.

Safety Tip #1:

Before coming to school, have children practice opening things by themselves. Ziplock bags, reusable sandwich pouches, juice box with straw, twist off tops: these are all items that can be practiced at home. By practicing these skills at home, children will not need extra hands touching any part of an item that may end up coming into contact with their mouth.

Safety Tip #2:

School shopping is in full swing! Consider buying shoes with NO laces. Children will inevitably use their hands to play with the same shoelaces that have previously touched the bathroom floor. Stay safe and save the laces for later.

Safety Tip #3:

When picking up your children at the end of the day, consider wearing a clean oversized shirt or smock that can be easily put over your existing clothes. Clothes will be exposed to a variety of elements throughout the day. As parents, our shirts touch our students clothing the moment we give them a hug and help them buckle into a car seat. Let's keep each other safe until we can change clothes and shower!

Even though we are washing our hands, wearing gloves, and disinfecting, help us to be cautious and prevent the spread! Brick and martyr school is possible when both staff and students can fill the building safely.

Stay safe!


Supply Drop Off

On August 24, the Early Excellence Academy will open its doors to families in order to drop off supplies needed for care. Thank you to everyone who has signed up!

Please use the link below to sign up for a designated time.


We are asking that only one parent accompany the child during this event as we exercising all safety precautions during this time. ALL adults must wear masks when entering the building.

Families will have ten minutes to drop off supplies and meet their child's teacher. Please review Monday's procedures and checklist HERE.

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Brightwheel Pro Tip of the Week: Who has What Access?

When adding information for students, there are four options: Parent, Family, Approved Pickup, and Emergency Contact. Each contact type has slightly different functions and privileges, which allows for various access for individuals and families.


· Can see all updates in the Daily Feed

· Can add or remove other adults from the child's profile

· Can edit child's profile information

· Can message the school, and receive messages in an inbox/sent box that is shared between only Schools and Parents


· Can see all updates in the Daily Feed

· Cannot add or remove other adults from the child's profile

· Cannot edit child's profile information

· Can message the school, but cannot receive messages from the school

Approved Pickups

· Can update their personal contact information and check-in code

· Cannot see all updates in the Daily Feed

· Cannot add or remove other adults from the child's profile

· Cannot edit child's profile information

· Cannot send or receive messages

Emergency Contacts

· Has no access to the child's profile within brightwheel. This is simply a reference for contact information.

· Is the only Contact Type that does not get an invitation to join brightwheel upon being added

EEA staff will be on site on August 24 for families needing to update contact information. If you are needing to update contact information remember that you must have the following information ready:

Person's Name


Phone Number

Drivers License Number


A huge THANK YOU to TISD's Child Nutrition Department for their work in making meal service possible at the center. Our menu has been individually designed to meet standards for both Child Care Regulation as well as National Accreditation for the Education of Young Children .
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Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

EEA will be implementing the following drop-off and pick-up procedures that limit possible exposure between families and childcare staff.

  1. Drop off and pick up times will be staggered Times are subject to change as decisions regarding re-entry and virtual instruction for TISD are published. EEA has adjusted pick up times due to the addition of minutes to the instructional day. Updated drop off and pick up times can be found HERE.
  2. Parents will not be allowed to enter the facility

All students must be screened each morning before check-in to be in compliance with current Emergency Orders for Childcare Centers. Screenings will be completed through Brightwheel. Please review screening procedures HERE.

Virtual Welcome

Due to COVID health precautions, Meet the Teacher and other orientation activities will look differently this year. Teachers will prepare introductory videos and virtual tours of their classrooms to help facilitate the transition to face to face instruction.

Virtual Orientations will go live on August 25!

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August 24: Supply Drop Off

August 25: Virtual Welcome

  • Teachers will release introductory information as well as classroom tours. Videos can be found on the teacher's website.

September 8: EEA Opens for the 2020-2021 School Year

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Have you received your invitation to Brightwheel? This is your direct access to your child's day and direct link to communication with his or her teachers.

Please make sure your Brightwheel account is set up prior to August 24!


Students will need to pack a sack lunch on the following days:

Fall Semester

  • November 3

Spring Semester

  • January 4
  • January 5
  • January 18
  • February 15
  • May 28

Lunches should be packaged using disposable materials only.

Please note that no food deliveries will be allowed to EEA.


The EEA website can now be found under Departments on the TISD main web page!

Please visit the website for additional information!

Contact Us

Continue to log into Brightwheel for all daily activities and notes from staff. If you are having concerns with receiving updates, please let any member of EEA know!

When dialing into EEA from an out of district line, please dial the main number to our district, 281-357-3100, then dial our EEA extension, 2620. If you are phoning from an in district line, please dial the extension only, 2620.