Yes that means you babyz!

I am looking for Admins for my tumblr blogs!

My Tumblr:

Starting Thursday July 12th I will be In search of Admins for some new blogs I made. I realized It would be terribly hard to keep 6 blogs going, In which I gave them their own day of the week that I would post stuff. They are obviously B.A.P biased. Each blog is dedicated to a member of B.A.P, and I am looking for B.A.P fans who are a bias of one of the six members. I will be looking for 2-3 people to help me with each blog. I’m not saying you’ll work for each blog. You will work specifically for that blog.

Babyz and my followers, If you’d like, please reblog this for people to see.

For now I’m looking for HONEST and FAITHFUL people, not SLACKERS. I may sound strict, but i’m not, I trying to find people to help run these blogs. I don’t have any friends who are K-Pop fans, so I really need this.

If you’re interested PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me a message on the person who your bias is and who you are interested in.

I will be writing up an application form for those of you who are interested, and that message me. ^^ (Just simple questions) don’t be afraid, I don’t bite, as long as your nice and will help I don’t care what you are. ^^

My email:

If you're interested message me on tumblr or email.

Here is the form:


Tumblr ID:

# Age:

* D.o.b:

Your Bias:

State/ Country your from:

What are you willing to do for the blog?

What aren't you willing to do for the blog?

How often would you be able to work on the blog? ( I.e monday-wednesday, all week long, saturday-monday, etc.) Give me an example:

Give me a 1-5 stars on how good of a person you think would be for this job:

# Tell me about yourself ( were going to be working together, so we need to know about each-other):

* Can you recommend another person who could work on this blog too? Or another of the members blog?:

Email address ( If you use it frequently):

* What kind of ideas would you have for the blog?

# What are your working conditions? ( Examp: Unlimited internet access, Ipad/tablet/laptop use, internet is limited, ect.):

( I know this one is weird) How well do you type? No offence but I don't want ppl hu tlk lk dis, its really annoying to read. You some decen't typing skill:

Required will have a '#' before it.

Non-required will have a '*' before it.

Please try to answer sincerely! ^^

(I want people between the ages of 15 and 19 for the job)