Information about a Goraffe

What do Gorilla Giraffe's eat and drink

A Gorilla Giraffe's eat grass, bananas, leaves, flowers and more and they drink water.

When was it founded Where?? How??

It was founded on May, 11 1992. Where, it was founded in Tolanaro,Madagascar. How, some people named Eddie and ivvonen went to go hunting for food they were hunting for hours they found nothing. 10 mins later they saw a Giraffe neck so they went for a closer look then they saw a Gorilla Giraffe

How it looks like?

I has a Gorlila body like the legs, tail and belly. It has a graiffe neck to head.


it is very nice goraffe love the community they love all of the grass they eat and the leaves that they eat. the organisms they usual eat is sunflowers and roses and more....