By: Kirby Larson


My book is called Duke. This is a great book because it is about With a world at world, can a boy be as brave as his dog? The characters are Hobie, Duke/Dog, Mom, and June. Just a little feed back the story about With world war 2 raging and his father fighting overseas in Europe, eleven year old Hobie Hanson is determined to do his part to help his family and his country, even if it means giving up his beloved German Shepard.


Expotion: The exposion of the story is about a boy named Hobie, his best friend Duke (a German Shepherd), and his dad who is at war. Hobie's family has to do everything they can to help the war effort.

Rising Action: The rising action in the story is that a man convinces Hobie to give Duke to the war dogs or the k-9’s. Hobie decided to do the right thing and contribute to the War. He gave Duke to the War Dogs/K-9's to help the soldiers in need. Hobie told the man that he wanted Duke to come back safe and sound.

Climax: While Duke is gone and his dad is still at war, Hobie's family has to do everything they can to help the war effort. His Mom, Sister June, and Hobie got letters from their dad and the k-9’s/War Dogs letting them know how they were doing. One day when Hobie was picking up his sister June from girl scouts, he decided he wanted to get Duke back. He was worried he would never see Duke again.

Falling Action: When Hobbie decided to get Duke back from the war dogs/k-9’s, he started writing letters to the war dogs/k-9’s to convince them to give Duke back. One day Hobbie got a letter from the k-9’s and they said that they were happy he had let Duke go to the k-9’s. After he finished reading the letter, he thought that he did the right thing and he decided to wait until his dad and Duke come home safely.

Resolution: Hobie was happy to hear the war was almost over. He knew Duke and his Dad were about to come home. One evening, someone rang the doorbell and it was Duke and the person that was looking after him. Hobbie jumped up with excitement to see Duke and that he was okay. The next day, Hobie’s mom got a phone call and she was told that his dad was coming home. The whole family was in tears and overjoyed, knowing he was finally coming home! Everyone was so happy they planned a Welcome home party with all their friends and family. Hobie was so happy to have his dog and his Dad back.

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