Happy Halloween

from Mrs. Karkowsky's Class

Haunted House of Nouns

The Haunted House of Nouns was a huge success! We had some amazing boxes and the kids did a fun activity with their boxes to get some extra practice. All the other students were amazed at our haunted display in the hallway!

Compare and Contrast

Our big writing project this month was about comparing and contrasting. First, I partnered everyone up and they began by creating a venn diagram on the iPads. After that, they were asked to write two paragraphs about their diagram. One, how they are alike and two, how they are different. Finally, the students typed a good copy on the computer. Everyone did a fabulous job!

Parts of the Plant

In chapter 1 in science we learned all about plants. In order to visualize the parts of a plant, I asked each student to draw a flower. They then took a picture of their drawing and put it into an app called ArtMaestro. After that, they then labeled the parts in another app. They turned out to look like true works of art!


Words that sound alike but with different meanings and spellings.

Thanks to all the moms that helped out!!