Weather Spreadsheet

learn to create spreadsheets and use formulas

Weather Spreadsheet Model

Find the assignment: Weather Spreadsheet Model-

We will be tracking weather for one city (of your choice)

-Instructions from below_

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1. Collect Your Data

Use to help collect your data-

Need: 7 days of temperature & precipitation for a city (doesn't matter what city)

Put the data you find in the chart on

Use the Table in to organize your data: date, temperature, and precipitation

*or use Gdocs to collect your data- use the table for reference

Table from

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2. Data Chart

Your Final data chart should look like this-

Once the chart is full you can turn in this part on

*if it is not submitting- screenshot (command+shift+4) and add to Google Classroom

**Add GDoc if needed**

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3. Create a Spreadsheet

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Add- Sheet----> GClassroom

Find the assignment in gclassroom, click: add/create--> spreadsheet

Open the Sheet to begin (it will open in a new tab for you)

4. Create a data table for all your weather

Be sure to:

  • adjust columns as needed
  • make all labels/headings BOLD & centered
  • Name of Place is bold, centered & 18 pt. font-
  • 1A-1C is merged
  • 2A-2C has all borders- enter in headings
  • Function is entered correctly- A10-C10
  • add in all data collect from
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5. Add CHART

Select Cells: A1-C9

Click INSERT-> Chart- >Chart Types->Select a Bar Graph


Make sure your graph is WIDE enough to see BOTH Temp color & Perception color.

Change Title of Graph to the Name of your Place (Williamsburg, VA)

6. Turn in

turn in on GClassroom-

if needed Add-File- add GDoc/Screenshot/Sheet

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