a genetic disorder in the thyroid

Definition of this disorder

Most people can't come to agreement on the full definition but all say that hypothyroidism Is a genetic disorder where its cretinism denotes the extreme clinical picture secondary to lack of thyroid hormone during critical phases of development. So someone with this disorder can not develop thyroid in the phase of development.

How is this disorder developed

Well there are three possible ways this disorder can be developed, one by an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid gland. Also if you get surgery or have radiation around the thyroid it can be developed. lastly a rare possibility is that th edisease I developed when you are very young

Three people were involved in the desovery pf hypothyriodism

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About hypothyriodism

Hypothyroidism is a recessive trait, which means It is not very common. This disorder is most common in older women around the age of 40-50 not as common in men. There is a 1 to 5,000 percent change of developing this disorder as a baby.

Some of the supporters

One of the supporters is US national library of medicine and the national institutes of health. Another on is articles on the American thyroid association website.

Symtoms of this disorder

There are many symptoms to having this disorder. Lets talk about the physical feature right now. You may start to develop dry skin as well as hair lose, facial puffiness can also be developed. Things that may effect you a lot are symptoms such as a fever, being very sensitive to the cold, constipation, menstrual irregularities, being un able to relax, slow speech or having trouble speaking, also yo umay have a hore or raspy voice. The mental symptoms of a patient with hypothyroidism can include being mentally sluggish, not able to function in a normal way, having a very low attention span and getting distracted easily. Those are the symptoms that are most common in patients with hypothyroidism. There are much more in the picture below.
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Ways you can help hypothyroidism

Once you get hypothyroidism it is very hard to stop it if the disorder has already developed. Although once it has developed in you there are ways you can help make it better. By going to some type of therapy to help the development. For example for certain symptoms you can take a low-dose thyroid replacement therapy is only for certain symptoms though. Another one you can take is low-dose of risperidone to treat the hallucinates and on antihypertensive regimen. Those are more of the most common therapy taken to help development but there are many more.

How was this disorder first discovered?

The first showing of this disorder was in 1850 on two female children from an "idiot asylum" in Lancaster England. Thomas Curling write a book about his discoveries. The first girl was ten years of age Thomas described her as having an idiotic look on her face. She had very low energy but eh was able to walk from chair to chair with very little help, but she was completely un-able to speak. The second girl was only six months old, she too had and idiotic expression to her face. She was explained as having a very large face but a small head. Her tounge was so large and swollen that it hung out if her mouth. Both girls died form there condition and an autopsy was performed on their corps. In both girls there was no trace of a thyroid gland in their body's. That's when they started to really investigate this disorder and figure out what it really is.