"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

Emily Dengler


The author's text structure defines the characterization of Walter Mitty as imaginitive, unrespected, and passive.

Claim 1

First example is that Walter Mitty is imaginative. He spends a lot of his time day dreaming, which makes him imaginative . He comes up with crazy day dreams, "he faced the firing squad".
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Claim 2

Secondly, Walter Mitty is unrespected. People do not let him do what he wants to do, he gets pushed around and made fun of. His wife tells him what to do, she does not let him decide what he wants to do. For example, she said "get those overshoes"; even when Mitty did not want overshoes she made him get them.
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Claim 3

Lastly, Walter Mitty is passive. He never stands up for himself when people boss him around or when people make fun of him. When a girl makes fun of him for saying dog biscuit he runs away instead of sticking up for himself.
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Walter Mitty is imaginative, unrespected, and passive, as shown by the author's text structure.