August 23rd-August 27th

Last Week of School

May 18, 2016

Dear Parents,

What a wonderful year we have had together. I can hardly believe

we are down to the last few days. I want to make these days special

and fun for the class. This letter will outline what we will be doing each

day and what the students may need to bring.


May 23 Desk Clean Out - Please send your child with an empty


Puzzle/Art Day

Students may bring in puzzles from home. Please

remember that these will be shared with the class and

pieces may get misplaced. We will also be doing

a variety of art activities. You may send them

with markers, water colors, etc.


May 24 Movie Day– Bring a small pillow (needs to fit in your

backpack) and your favorite movie theater snack.


May 25 Game Day The students will be able to bring their favorite

games from home. The children will be sharing

games and sometimes things can get broken. I am

allowing students to bring electronic games if they

have permission from you.


May 26 Autograph Party– In the afternoon, the students

will be allowed to walk around the building for

a school-wide autograph party. They may bring

their yearbooks or autograph books.


May 27 Last Day of School – Early Release at 11:40

Students will receive their report cards if all library books

are turned in. Students will have an early lunch time,

so they will need to bring a snack.

Thank you,

Ms. Hudson