App Playlist

Don't Have a Favorite? Choose one of these!

Notable Apps

If you aren't sure what to choose for our iPad App Jam Session, then take a look at some of these. I have put them together in a Playlist for you!


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1. Decide Now

This app is a spinner that you can customize. Make spinners for sight words, math problems, student names, and lots more!
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2. Aurasma

Augmented reality is a growing trend in education. Create Auras by tagging images and adding overlays for a magical experience for your students.
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3. Phoster

Create your own posters from photos!
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4. Evernote

An app that allows you to take any kind of notes and save them. Add images, audio, import files, etc. Productivity at its best!
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5. Epic! Books for Kids

This is all you can read eBooks for kids. Lots of different topics and levels. Read-to-me books or read-to-self are available!
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6. Articulation Station

This app helps kids master the letter sound within a single word, using flashcards and matching games, and then progresses to sentences where the word is either isolated or rotating.
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7. Endless Wordplay

In Endless Alphabet students help a friendly monster navigate a make believe world by spelling words correctly.
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8. Team Viewer

This app allows you to control your computer from your iPad. Control what's happening on your computer screen from anywhere!