Ring Worm

James Mattox

Its a fungi, its inflammatory, its CONTAGES. The fungi gets in your skin and arms and there are a lot of these fungi and symptoms, this flier has it all


there are many different symptoms. ring worm creates skin that forms blisters. scratching can be a symptom. body fungi can happen at any number of age. dry scales that might take the bottom of your foot and toenail. the lesson is usasaly sircole shaped or ovale shaped and can be non wet.

types of ring worm

there are many types of ring worm and nick names to.oriental ring worm ring worm of scalp .Tokelau ring worm another word name for tineimbricata.Tiinabricata is ring worm of beard and neck. Ring worm of scalp becomes visible like a half ball on your head. Favas (a nick name) ring worm for animals. That is just some of the ring worm names and nick names
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though we have listed the fungi, inflammatory,and how its cottages remember to call your doctor if you see these signs