D.J's Story

How do you handle training a quarterback from another team?


D.J is a farmer who has 2 brothers playing college football. Her parents don't talk to her much and because her dad had hip surgery D.J has to take care of the farm. Her mom is a teacher and spends most of her time at the school trying to find a new Principle. Curtis is D.J's litter brother and after a big fight with the family her doesn't talk much.

D.J knows everything about football from practicing with her star brothers so when Jimmy Ott needs a trainer for Brain, (who already worked at the farm for a while and whom D.J despises) she is a little hesitant. She finally tells Jimmy Ott she will train Brain. After training for a while D.J starts to have conflicting feelings for Brian. Some times he can be a real person whom she can sorta talk to and have fun with. He even ends up staying for supper one time and plays catch with Curtis and D.J. He also comes by and helps D.J paint the barn. But sometimes he acts like an arrogant jerk

D.J's best friend Amber doesn't like Brain so D.J doesn't have anyone to talk to about him. Brain and D.J start to become really good friends. They start talking to each other and D.J finds peace when shes talking to Brain. She soon finds out that her best friend Amber is a lesbian and is in love with her and has been having this fake relationship thing with her. On the Brian side of things, D.J now knows everything about Brains playing skills. D.J decides that she wants to try out for the Red Bend football team, but decides to keep it a secret.

Brian goes off for a trip for a few days and D.J ends up having to take Curtis to some sports thing up state. D.J ends up using most of her moms money on a haircut. When she gets back her and her mom ends up talking and really start getting closer. While training one day Brain kisses D.J and she ends up giving Brain a bloody nose on accident. They stop training but end up keeping in touch for a while until football season starts and he finds out that D.J is playing for his schools rival. He's hurt and upset with D.J. When D.J tries to talk to him he blows up on her telling her how awful her and her family are.

When Red Bend and Brains school plays against each other people are being really mean to D.J so she gets super mad and pumps up the team. She gets a touchdown and they end up beating Hawley. After the game Amber comes up and introduces D.J to her girlfriend and D.J notes that she seems really happy.

Jimmy Ott makes Brain come over to D.J's and apologizes. Brain apologizes and they start to talk. Brain mentions dating but it never really comes up again. D.J ends the book by saying how she doesn't know whats gonna happen, if her and Brain will be just friends or more than friends and how shes happy.

My Opinion on Brain and D.J being a couple

The Problem With Brain

I think Brian and D.J would make a good couple if Brain would be loyal to her and not cheat on her with other girls. Brain is a party guy and no matter how good of a guy he is, people change and sometimes that change changes their opinion on you. Friends have a big impact and I know that Brains friends aren't the best example. I have known from experience from watching it happen. If you hang out with a group of people, and they all have one opinion and act the same way your opinion will change and you will start to act the same way. It's kinda sad how just a few people can impact your how personality and change you for the worse but that's just how things work in life and their is nothing you can do about it. So I think once his friends find out they will not approve and start to make it feel the same way they do. So I don't think they will work because of Brains friends.