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Women before world war 1

Before the beginning of the First World War in 1914, women traditionally would stay at home and look after the children or work in a menial job. If a woman was unmarried and in the working class, she would generally have a job as a maid, be in domestic services or in work in a repetitive job in a factory. The women who were unmarried and worked in the middle class were able to get a higher level of job such as sale assistants, teachers, nurses, typists and telephonists. The income women earned in any of these jobs was an extremely small percentage of what any man would earn in the same position. The picture on the left demonstrates the average working women before the war.
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Role of women during WWI

During world war 1 most men went to war to support their country but as men left their job, people where needed to work in place of them. If women don't work then there will be a big financial lost as well as economy of the country will also decrease. So the government started to force women to work in hotels, factories, making weapons etc. War weapons was also needed for the soldiers as there was war going on. With the men away in battle, women took an extraordinary role in support of the war, whether it was on the front line or at home in factories and farms. So, the traditional thinking that women can't work was broken. Women started to like their jobs and they also like the earning of money, so there was a big change. As those women whose husband,son, father at war were also given the right to vote and women were also given some rights.
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Women after WWI

After WWI, some women were more appreciated than before WWI. However, when the men got back from war most women were laid off. Even if they were laid off at least they would soon realize that they are equal to men and protest against this. This time period was positive because it was the start of women’s rights. I think that the rights of women should now start to improve because women are not being treated the same way as the men are being treated. I think that this should be a topic of discussion because it is not fair for the women and it is not only in Canada that this is happening, this is happening all over America too. In conclusion I think that women should get the same amount of rights as men or even more. I believe that the end of WWI was the start of women’s rights in Canada.