Performance Drugs are Cheats

Is PEDs the only way to be good at sports

What Are PEDs?

Performance-enhancing drugs are drugs that athletes use to perform better in a sport. They give these athletes more strength to help them compete. Almost everyone that has used them have been successful during their athletics careers. There are several types of PEDs like stimulants, anabolic steroids, and human growth hormone

PEDs help break records that could never be broken

When athlete use PEDs, they perform at a high level. They break records that probably could never be broken if it wasn't for PEDs. The old time legends didn't use PEDs to become as successful as they are.

Why can't athletes work hard instead of using PEDs

PEDs help you increase your body strength and your testosterone. Though, if we all used these, we would have to do less work. Athletes won't have to do more work. Though, isn't that the reasons why athletes are who they are. They work hard to get to the top. The use of PEDs will benefit a person's strength, but not their effort on the sport.

People Who Have Used PEDS

With your help, we can stop people using PEDs

Help Protest Against PEDs

Thursday, Jan. 8th 2015 at 5:15-7pm

156 William St

New York, NY

Come support our cause in stopping people from using PEDs. We need discuss how these drugs are affecting athletes and why high school athletes will lose their athletic careers by using them.