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September 17, 2021

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Dates to Remember

Sept. 17 - Football vs. Spring Hill (A)

Sept. 20 - Staff Development Day- NO SCHOOL

Sept. 21-24 - Homecoming Dress Up Days and Float Building

Sept. 24 - Football Homecoming

Sept. 27 - Jostens Junior Class Ring Meeting

Sept. 29 - Picture Retakes

Oct. 1 - Football vs. Franklin Co.

Oct.4-8 - Fall Break- NO SCHOOL

Oct. 12 - ACT Bootcamp 3:00-4:00pm (Library)

Oct. 13 - ACT Bootcamp 6:00-7:00pm (Library)

Oct. 14 - Report Cards

Oct. 15 - Football vs. Columbia Central (A)

Oct. 22 - Football vs. Siegel (A)

Oct. 26 - FAFSA Workshop 12:00-6:00pm (Library)

Oct. 29 - Football vs. Page (H)

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LCHS Tree Removal Donated by Ogle Tree Service

This past Labor Day, former Falcons Logan and Madison Ogle of Ogle Tree Service brought their equipment, team, time, and love to the LCHS campus to remove five dead and dangerous trees. The trees have been in a sad state for a while, but recently, sadness became fear as more and more limbs fell to the ground.

A simple text to Madison to ask what could be done resulted in an intensive Plan of Action, including two local tree services, a professional arborist, and a months-long plan to replant and rehabilitate.

Some may know that the trees originally planted on the LCHS campus were specifically chosen as they were species native to Lincoln County. Over the years, storm damage, disease, and insects damaged the trees beyond saving, but Master Arborist Lee McBride is now working to revive that vision by ensuring that one of every native tree is represented on the LCHS front lawn by creating a written plan for which trees should be replanted, as well as a guide for spacing and care, etc. McBride is providing his time, expertise, and energy as a donation to preserving this wonderful LC tradition.

McBride’s plan went into action Monday, when the Ogle Tree Service team brought down the trees that presented the most imminent danger to property and person, including clean up, haul off, and stump grinding. Except for the dirt on the ground and the “something-is-missing” feeling when looking at the yard, one would never know that giant, dead trees were there just a few days ago.

The plan moves forward this fall, when Ogle Tree Service will plant new trees and cable or brace current trees to prevent splitting and promote longevity. Additionally, another former Falcon Derrick Lamon and his team from Stars and Stripes Tree Service will join Logan and Madison for a day of intensive removal: bringing down more deadwood, hangers, and dead trees.

Finally, in December after the first frost, Ogle Tree Service will come back and clean, thin, trim, and raise limbs. Pruning is done at this time to improve healing and prevent disease from setting in.

LIncoln County High School thanks Logan and Madison Ogle, Derrick Lamon, and Lee McBride for their generous donations of time, services, and expertise to help make the LCHS campus safe and beautiful for generations to come.

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Important Info For Seniors

Class of 2022- College Application Month is in full swing. If you haven’t already started to apply to college(s), now is the time to start the college application process. See email from Mrs. Rose on which colleges are waving their application fees. Now is the time to apply to Motlow and TCAT as well.

Colleges Visiting LCHS:

  • Wed Sept. 21st APSU
  • Thurs Sept. 22nd UT Knoxville
  • Wed Sept. 29th Motlow
  • Thurs Sept. 30th UT Chattanooga
  • Fri Oct. 1st Blue Mountain College
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  • BEST Kick-Off is coming up!!! September 25th!
  • ALL Team members and parents are needed to help cover shifts parking cars and working in our booth at the Lincoln County Fair starting on Saturday! Please see, call, or message me to get signed up! This is the only fundraiser you are being asked to participate in! Saturday's and Sunday - noon til 9pm and Monday through Friday - 4 til 9pm. Our hours are split between parking and the booth in the building. (Parking is until 8:30pm) Set up for the booth is after school this Friday and tear down is the last Sunday. Friday the 24th, we need all hands on deck for parking due to the band and choir needing to perform for homecoming. The more you can work, the better! Thanks!

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Digital Citizenship Info

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Friday Finds from the Library are books suggestions that Mrs. Day is sharing out with students each week via email. This year, NonFiction will be the genre of focus, but fiction books will be highlighted as well. Our library has so many great books, and we want all student to find something that may interest them.

Library Updates...

The library has been a busy place so far this year! I love seeing all the faces come in to browse books, ask questions, and just visit. Our checkout statistics show a great increase in student checkouts from last year! I see so many students devouring books each week and excited to checkout their next great read.

LCHS Graphic Novel section has been the most popular genre to be checkout so far this year. A large order was just put in for many new Graphic Novel titles. Be on the look out for those titles on our shelves when we return from Fall Break- as long as there are no shipping delays!

Students, have you checked out our Online Catalog or OPAC? All stakeholders may access our catalog through our school library website. Click the button below to access the link to our OPAC. There, yout will find a complete catalog of all materials available at LCHS library. We have so many wonderful resources for our students and teachers.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions feel free to contact me and share your thoughts.

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Allison Day

LCHS Librarian

LCHS Library Site

Click here to view LCHS Library Webpage