All About Latin America

By : Nathan Tong

Cuba's Government

Cuba has a communist government. Their current leader is Raul Castro who became the president in 2008. The term length for being a president is 5 years. An issue within the government right now is that the food storage in Cuba is always running low. This is because Cuba's government distributes everything evenly including food. It is true that they distribute the food evenly but they don't distribute enough to everyone. That's why some people are struggling to live and to survive.
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Oil Pollution in Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the leading counties in producing oil. All the drilling that the miners do causes the oil pollution. Many sea animals are in danger of being extinct because of all the oil pollution the miners make. This oil pollution dumped in the sea that hurts the animals in the water and making them die. This hurts the fishing economy in Venezuela because all the fish have died. The mining also hurts the place they are mining at and sometimes it takes 1000 of years to be restored. Because of all this Venezuela has been trying to find solutions to stop the pollution. One solution that Venezuela is trying to enforce is to stop the oil producers dumping the oil pollution into the water. Another solution they are making is to limit the quantity of how much oil a company can produce. But even though the government tries to enforce this, they are a leading producer of oil so if they stop oil production they can't earn money and their economy is going to go down.

Economic System of Brazil

Brazil has a mixed economy. They have many trading partners but the top 3 are China (41.2%), USA (26.7%), and Argentina (18%). The number one import of Brazil is refined petroleum that is mostly from USA. The number one export of Brazil is iron ore that mostly goes to China. Brazil's GPD is 2.246 trillion in US dollars. Since Brazil's literacy rate is 88.5%, the standard of living is also high.

Mexico History

The first civilization that settled is the Olmec who settled near the Gulf Of Mexico. This civilization was the baseline of all the well known civilization such as the Aztecs and the Mayans. The Mayans were the next ones after the Olmec and is considered the best of the three civilizations and that they thrived the longest. They developed a calendar and a writing system that helped them with their farming. The Aztecs were that last civilization before Hernan Cortez and the Spanish conquistadors conquered the Aztecs.

Mexico's Physical Features

Mexico has many physical features. The Sierra Madre Mountains, mountains that are on the east and west of mexico contributing to the air pollution. These mountains are extending up to 5,850 feet into the air! There are also the Copper Canyons the cousin of the Grand Canyon. It is actually bigger and deeper that the Grand Canyon. This canyon is made by 6 rivers and it also has one of the largest waterfalls in Mexico. The place that I want to go is Mayan Ruins because I like architecture and I like to see how the building were built before. The Mayan Ruins were built for the Mayas for burials and rituals. The Mayan Ruins also has many sink holes made from water running through soft limestone. This makes the structure unbalanced and fall.