Ixonia Friday Focus

Need-to-Know Staff Updates: OCTOBER 14, 2016



Parent Smore Link: https://www.smore.com/4gy5d

Monday, October 17

  • 403 b plan meetings - slots open with Charlie Munkwitz between 10:30-noon (sign up in the office)

Tuesday, October 18

  • Staff Meeting 7:30 am

  • Yell and Tell presentations - in library - see below for time slots

  • School Board meeting 7:00 pm OHS

Wednesday, October 19

Thursday, October 20

  • 3rd grade field trip Cave of the Mounds (all day)

Friday, October 21

  • Chip Shoppe Delivery Day 3:30-6:30 pm in the gym

  • 7:45 am Tier 1 PBIS Meeting

Upcoming Dates:

  • October 22 - OPEF Annual Ball

  • October 25 - BLT Meeting 7:30 am

  • October 25 - Conference sign up closes online

  • October 27 - Conferences 4:00-7:30 pm

  • October 27 - Bus evacuation practice - morning

  • October 28 - Halloween Parade 8:45 am (right after announcements)

  • October 28 - Individual Classroom Halloween Parties

  • October 28 - Tier 2 PBIS Meeting 7:45 am

  • October 28 - PTO’S Halloween Dance

MONDAY Common Planning (Stacy's office)

  1. Flexible technology options (w/ Kim S.): Google Read & Write and Overdrive - 20 min.
  2. SLO check-in - no need to be finished, just bring your ideas to share out - 20 min.
  3. Readers workshop "look-fors" (handout) - 5 min


  • computer
  • Student data for SLO

TUESDAY Staff Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, October 18 – 7:30-8:25

  • PBIS Tier 1 data - 5 minutes
  • PBIS Tier 2 small groups & Tier 3 wrap around overview - 5-7 minutes
  • Time remaining = Individual work time in the library on Internalizing/externalizing behavior forms & SAS survey

TUESDAY Yell and Tell Assembly Schedule

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18th - LIBRARY (tables will be moved to create space)

Since October is bully prevention month, the focus will all revolve around bullying, but will have the other topic you listed interwoven into the conversation.

  • 9-9:30 – 5K & 1st grade - Bullying + Child enticement (99 students)
  • 9:30-10:00 - 3rd grade – Bullying + Poison (39 students)
  • 10-10:30 – 2nd grade & 4th grade – Bullying + Child enticement (90 students)

PBIS Tier 1 Notes (10/16/16 meeting)

October focus: hallway.
  • SAS Survey link will come out over the weekend, it is due on 10/28. There will be some work time at staff meeting to complete.
  • Goal for the month has been increased to FIVE due to excellent hallway behavior. Classes meeting the goal will join the school for a celebration on 10/31. More details to follow.

Please continue using phrases such as: “Tight to the right” especially with the new tape on the ground.

PBIS Tier 1 Agenda: FRI 10/21/16 - 7:45


  • Data review from October
  • Solidify celebration on 10/28
  • Plan November focus
  • Fourth grade will lead the kickoff on 11/1, more details to come.

BLT - 10/11/16 minutes

Classroom library book orders?

The PTO has quite a bit of Scholastic Money to spend. One suggestion was ordering books that the new Units of Study references as books that should be in the hands of all students for read-alouds, etc. At this point, the PTO said they could fund 20-ish books for each classroom library. Let me know if you have any need for new titles, whether that be class sets, multiple copies for small groups, or individual books.

(4K/5K - Unfortunately, the money we were discussing last month expired very shortly after I sent the email to you all. These are different dollars to spend.)

Laminator Use

At this point in the year, the laminator has been in high use. You've probably noticed that the film we are using is a much better quality, which is why the lamintor has been functioning much more consistently than in the past. We could go back to the less expensive film, which is almost half the cost, but certainly impacts quality. At this point, we have gone through 4 rolls -- almost $600 in cost. Since the year is up and running, I am thinking that use will start to go down. Please be mindful of your use and only laminate those important items that get high use by you or students or you plan to use year after year.

Banding Up

If any of you are considering banding up this year, I'd love to assist you through the process. I may be able to answer some clarifying questions. Let me know if I can help!

Ixonia OPEF donation basket

On Saturday, Oct. 22nd, OPEF is holding their annual dinner event. All schools donate one basket of items that can be auctioned off to benefit OPEF. Ixonia's basket theme is going to be "Breathe." In it will be a variety of items for taking time to just pause, relax, and be present. In addition to the beautiful Trades of Hope items donated by Jennifer Hagie and a $75 facial from Domani Salon in Watertown (which is an incredible place if you've never been there), we will be adding some additional items that focus on relaxation.

Since OPEF grants have the potential to benefit all of our students, it would be wonderful if you would be willing to donate a few dollars....we are shooting for a collection of about $100 total from staff. If you feel you'd like to donate any amount, the envelope will be in the office. Thanks in advance for considering!

Purple Lines in the Hallways

Sorry about my crooked lines down the hallways, but hopefully this helps to reinforce the "tight to the right" idea. At this point, we are just trying out to see how well they work and their durability. Let me know if there are high traffic areas you'd like us to add some lines.

Fire Drill

Great job on the fire drills everyone! Kids were efficient and quiet! The only reminder is to make sure doors are closed behind you. It's critical in a real fire to help minimize spreading.


For anyone who is planning to run a club and planned to start it in October or November, can get started with the communication to families. I've had a few parents ask about what club opportunities will be available this year. We have lots of opportunities to offer! Thanks to Summit (who donated 18 hours) and Parklawn (who donated 26 hours), we will be able to fund all the hours we have most recently discussed (see the link). See me or Carol about how to get started on your club.Thanks again to all interested staff!

PTO - October Meeting Minutes

I had a meeting with the PTO board regarding ways to engage more people into the PTO meetings. We love our PTO and want them to have as much meaningful participation as possible. Moving forward, the following will occur:

  • Agenda will be topics from the PTO as well the school. Topics may include discussions where the school is looking for more feedback from parents (i.e. communication, concerts, etc.)
  • Agenda will be put in the Parent Newsletter the week prior in hopes to invite more people in based on the agenda items.
  • Minutes will be shared by Friday morning immediately following the meeting.

Room Parents

At PTO last night as we discussed engaging more parents in PTO, the topic of room parents came up. The PTO found the idea of having one person from each classroom a great way to keep parents connected without always have to go through the district. Having the room parent makes a plea for volunteers at PTO events more personal.

Many, if not all classrooms, had a parent who volunteered to be the "box-top" parent. Would they also be interested in being your room parent?

There is no requirement to have a room parent, but they utilized in many schools and are found to be tremendously helpful in a variety of ways. But remember, you establish your needs, preferences and expectations with that person! At BLT, we plan to further outline some minimal expectations of room parents for consistency....still to be determined.

Some ideas...

  • Ongoing volunteer support needs: centers helpers, weekly readers, science lab & materials prep, and recess supervisors
  • Classroom activity dates and support needs: field trips, career day, open-house, assemblies
  • Contact information: How does the teacher prefer to be contacted by you & by the other class parents? What are school policies for gathering and releasing parent contact information?
  • Teacher’s “favorites”: Find out what the teacher likes as a gift guide for parents and thinking ahead to Teacher Appreciation Week: favorite meal, beverage, restaurant, store, treat, charity, sports team, hobbies, etc.
  • Classroom party dates and plans:

Spelling City Updates

I wanted to get back to you about your questions that popped up during our spelling city work time. Thanks for your willingness to give this program at try. Let’s aim to have 100% of students on at least once to spelling city by the end of October! I’m here to help you with any questions you might have.

  • Is there a way to preview all the activities available for students before I assign them?

    • Yes, go to this page on the website: https://www.spellingcity.com/spelling-games-vocabulary-games.html On the left side, choose “Premium” to see all these options. You can then play any of these games without using up a student account.

    • We only have 6 accounts remaining for the year, so we are saving those for new students.

  • Can students be assigned to two different groups?

    • YES THEY CAN!!! J (I’ve also confirmed with the company to make sure this doesn’t cause any problems and for Premium, you can)

      • Go to “My Students,” then “Create a Group”

      • After you name the group and SAVE, then go to that group in your list and select “Edit Group”

      • When that window opens to edit, you may select any of the students you already have in your roster (that are assigned in other groups). If you click their name, they will be added to the new group, but also remain in the original group. I’ve tried it out and it works!

      • Also, you can add students from the main all–school roster to your room if you work with other students during PIE time or other instructional times.

      • If any learning strategists, interventionists, SLP, etc. want to be added as a teacher, you can also manage the students on your caseload by having them in your class as well as their regular homeroom. Contact Carol Hunter if you’d like to be added as someone who will manage students + spelling/vocabulary lists.

  • On the iPads, how do I make sure the student view is only what I want students to do (but not accessing all the word lists)?

    • When you import your word lists, a prompt will come up with a green button that says “Hide Group from Students” – make sure to select that. It will hide all the lists until you specifically assign a list to a student or groups of students. Otherwise, students will always be able to view all the words lists, which will get distracting over time.

  • Where do I find the welcome letter if I want to inform parents about this?

    • First of all, there is no requirement to send this home, unless you’d like to shar

    • e with parents at conferences or at some other time.

    • There are two places to find the welcome letters for families

      • At the top of the “My Students” page

      • Under teaching Resources tab > Product Information > General Information > Parent Welcome Letters

SLO/Educator Effectiveness Reminders


  • SLOs: Fill out the beginning of the year section and click "Turn In" so I can view it.
  • The focus of the SLO this year is anything around literacy.
  • Data should be around MAP assessments and written with those targets.
  • PPGs: Fill out the beginning of the year section and click "Turn In." The top section is for supportive year; the later section is for summary year (labeled at the top of the page).


  • Have a draft of your SLO and data analysis completed by our individual meetings
  • Complete the self-review (due at the time of our meeting)
  • Finish the SLO, PPG, and self-review by October 31st