Jacob's Rescue a Holocaust story.

By: Malka Drucker

Main Characters

The three main characters are Jacob Gutgel, Alex Roslan, and Mela Roslan. Jacob is an 8 year old Jewish boy who lives in Poland. He lived in a ghetto with his aunt and his mother. Then he was sent to live with the Roslan's. Alex and Mela Roslan are mother and father to 2 children now three including jacob. Mela takes care of the children all day and alex bargins for food and other supplies they might need.


The book takes place in poland during the Hlocaust. where an 8 year old boy named jacob lives in a dangerious ghetto with his aunt and mother. when one day scared for her nephews safety jacobs aunt sends him to live with a catholic family. There he lives with the Roslan family and is well taken car of but is hidden from the world.