Bob Dylan

A famous musician

The Life of Bob Dylan

Friday, Jan. 9th, 4:30pm

Independence Elementary, Fargo, ND, United States

Fargo, ND

Bob Dylan's Childhood

He was born as Robert Allan Zimmerman in Duluth, MN. His brother, David, was born in 1946. That same year, his father Abe caught Polio. His father began to limp and was sick for a long time. Because his father was so ill, his family moved to Hibbing, MN where his mother's family lived. Being close to family helped his mom tremendously.

Bob was Jewish. He studied Hebrew. He had a Bar Mitzvah in 1954 to celebrate becoming a man. He had been unhappy about his father being ill, but became happier after his Bar Mitzvah,

As a teenager, Bob told many lies to his peers and friends. He said he ran away from home and worked at the circus. He said he was an orphan. Maybe he told lies to get attention, but none of that was true. He also began to be interested in learning how to play instruments. He taught himself how to play the piano. He wanted to play like Little Richard.

The Decision

What kind of music did Bob want to play? He learned how to play the piano from his cousin and from teaching himself. He listened to the new kind of music called rock and roll. He loved the mix of gospel music, blues, and black rhythm and blues. He heard music he liked on TV. His father brought home one of the first TV sets in Hibbing in 1952. He liked to copy Little Richard's pounding piano, wild screaming, and stand-up style of playing piano.

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Adult Life

Bob arrived in Greenwich Village is a neighborhood in downtown Manhattan in 1961. Bob was nearly broke and had no place to stay. Bob became friends with a group of musicians. Soon he was playing in all the clubs.