lineville tech units

by Noah Egle

Typing web

  • We are typing to help us in the modern world
  • Some of us may not like it, but it will help us for when we need to use the typing
  • It can and will most likely help us with spelling and punctuation

iMovie/ iTrailer

  • We worked on these explaining about our self and what we like
  • I learned that we are able to record and put a photo/ video/ sound into one video.
  • The iTrailer can make a short video for a trailer and a whole video with special effects.
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Haiku deck

  • Haiku deck is a place where you can make a presentation about a topic of your choice and we did it on our dream job
  • We are able to make a good presentation on what we choose and if we make a mistake it will help us if it is spelling it will say it is wrong and more
  • The presentation we do it is good so all you have to do is push or tap and it will goon to the next page you set.

Expane everything

  • I learned that we are able use it to be able to make a presentation and talk about it and make one video about a subject of our choice
  • We are able to show people what we want to show them better because we can write during our presentation
  • explain everything has a thing for your precipitation where you can point at the thing you want if you already put down the writing

Career locker

  • We are able to look and find the job that we like and what we would like to do for our future
  • i learned that Career locker lets us research and find a job or look at a job
  • Career locker lets us look/ study and find a job or career that we have to look up or just what we like

GO animate

  • It is a sight that lets us go and make a video with animated charterers to tell something
  • We are able to use animated figures and make them do what we want them to do and or go where we want them to go
  • I learned that we are able to go and look at an object/settings/ people and we are able to change what they do say and act