Insect Life Cycle Webquest

Welcome Entomologist!

Step 1. Introduction

You have been promoted to an expert biologist. Your dedication to learning about insect life cycles has paid off. You are now ready for your biggest challenge yet --put on your detective hat and get out your magnifiers to search the Internet to create a new insect species!

Step 2. Assignment

Your assignment is to create a new insect species!

You have been asked by the top scientists in the world to develop a new insect. First, you must do some research on two life cycles of insects that could morph into one super insect.

By studying the life cycles of two insects you will be able to decide what kind of life cycle your new, combo species will have!

Step 3. Research

Research AT LEAST two of the insect species below. Write the information that you discover about their life cycles in your guidebook.

Step 4. Create a new Species

Using the information that you have gathered from the two different life cycles that you have studied, it is time to begin creating your species. Your new species will be a combination of the two species that you researched. Make sure your adult has looks and/or qualities that represent BOTH species.

First, think of a cool name for your new species.

Then, create the life cycle chart for your insect. You must include detailed drawings of each stage and label what each stage is (egg, larva, pupa, adult, etc.)

Finally, create a beautiful drawing of your adult insect species on the additional sheet of paper.