Not Like I'm Jealous or Anything

Marissa Walsh

Traits of Relationships

  • Selfless (Gwen and Avery)
  • Understanding (Gwen and Mom)
  • Unhealthy (Avery and Dad)
  • Used (Ruby and Jackson)
  • Unpredictable (Ruby and Heidi)


  1. "Gwen feel better to stand side by side with her mother. Gwen put her ear to her mother's ribs. 'Thank you, Mommy.' 'Don't mention it,' she said" (p101).
  2. "'Why do you always have to have a couple of drinks?' Avery cried suddenly.'Why couldn't you stay sober for my birthday party?"'(p87).
  3. "A tiny part of my brain thought: He'll love me if I make those black bottom cupcakes"(p206)


  1. Just because someone has something you don't, doesn't mean you can't be happy.
  2. Love those who you are close to since they aren't going to be around forever.
Nick Jonas - Jealous