How to do a Back Handspring

Learn how to do a Back handspring quick and safe.

What is a Back Handspring?

A handspring is an acrobatic move in which a person executes a complete revolution of the body by lunging headfirst from an upright position into a handstand and then pushing off.

This is helpful especially for gymnasts and cheerleaders.


I'm a cheerleader, and back handsprings are essential for cheer routines. They give you extra points but also help your routine to be complete. I wanted to show people how to do it, because it's not hard, and there is no reason to stress about it. I learned how to do it, by myself, in just one afternoon.

Try it first in a Trampoline!

Why in a trampoline?

The reason why I'm teaching how to do it in a trampoline first, is because this is the easiest way to practice, before actually doing it on mats, or ground. Also it gives you the perfect spring that you need when you are starting!

You will need...

  • Trampoline
  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Wear Shoes
  • Be Warmed-up
  • Two Extra People (strong)

  • Cold Drink
  • Be Positive
  • Patience
  • Phone (In case of emergency)

You won't need....

  • Fear
  • Pressure (If you are not ready,DON'T DO IT.)
  • Fatigue
  • People you don't trust


  1. You need to be warmed-up, so you don't hurt yourself. You are basically doing gymnastics, so it's essential that you at least know how to do your back bend. That's a pretty good way of warming-up, practicing a few back bends.
  2. After warming -up and practicing your back bends, go on the trampoline, with one of the extra people you have. This person will help spotting you, to prevent any accidents. Don't worry, after you completely get your back Hand-spring you won't need him/her.Your other spot, should be spotting you in the ground, holding the phone, in case something goes wrong.
3. Bend your knees, doing a sitting position, but not fully sitting. Your arms will swing, going from behind your ears to next to your knees to a little bit behind your butt.Your arms have to be straight THE ENTIRE TIME.

4. Swing back your arms up next to your ears, but this time you will push yourself, trying to lean backwards. Keep your head looking at your hands and squeeze your body.
5. The point of pushing yourself back is to reach as far as you can.

Avoid arching your back too much.
6. Your legs have to follow you as you go back. They will help you go upward and backward.

7. Reach for the floor, and when your hands touch the floor, make sure they are super straight. Let your legs follow you as they carry your lower body.
8. Try to keep your legs as straight as possible.

9. Swing your legs and feet to touch the floor. Try to land the same way you started, bending your knees a little.

10. Keep practicing WITH YOUR SPOT, and if you start getting tired, stop and have a little sip of your cold drink.

11. Once you get your back hand-spring, yo can start practicing without a spot, but make sure someone is aware of what you are doing, in case of an accident (not that it will happen, just to prevent).

My Experience

After I did my fisrt back handspring without a spot, I felt amazing! I was so excited and the only thing I wanted to do the rest of the day was more and more back handsprings!It not only makes me feel like an amazing acrobat, but it makes me feel like I'm growing as a cheerleader. I've being practicing a lot, and the only thing I have to do now, is be brave and try it on the floor!! I wanted to share this moment, and also teach it because, even if you're not a gymnast or a cheerleader, it is cool to know how to do flics on a trampoline.