November K Cornell

sixth news 11/2 - 11/6

Falling For Learning!

Fundations: We are learning more about replacing words in sentences to change the meaning. We continue to work on letter sounds and proper formation of the letters. Please practice the letters that we have learned. They should be easily identified and students should be able to give the sound of the letter as well. Tt, Bb, Ff, Nn, Mm, Ii, Uu, Cc, Oo, Aa, Gg, Dd, and Ss.

Emergent Readers: Finishing Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Writer's Workshop: We are beginning a new genre: Lists! We think of categories, and then 3 items that belong to that list. The list genre in past years, has elevated student's confidence in stretching words because it is a temporary shift away from sentences. I encourage you to have your children write lists at home as well!

Trick Words:

This was a week of review.

Math: Counting by 10's to 100, recognition of numbers 0 - 20, and number writing 0 - 10.


  • On Monday, we had the Greenburg Nature Center Educators come in to give us a hands-on learning experience with different creatures. They brought in Ginger the Ball Python, Johnny the Chinchilla, and Taco the Box Turtle. It was a lot of fun!
  • Leaves! We went on a fall leaf hunt Wednesday. We found many different varieties, sizes, and colors. We used a non-fiction book as a resource to identify and classify the leaves. Your children brought in leaves from home to add to our class poster. We made leaf rubbings as an extension activity.

Social Studies: Rules at home. An interdisciplinary study using Where The Wild Things Are.

Star of the Week: This week we learned all about Eesha!

Next Week's Star: Balaaj Babar

"Tech Issues" prevented my newsletter from last Fri until now... sorry.


Children should bring a snack daily. It should be one food and one drink. Snakc is a single serving. A box of crackers is too large a serving.

  • LABEL all clothing.
  • Dismissal changes need to be written in a note and placed in the baggie.
  • Checking your child's lunch account ensures a speedy and drama free checkout in the cafeteria at our 10:20 lunch.


  • Thanks for productive and goal oriented conversations at our parent conferences. I appreciate your partnership in your child's education.
  • Sebastian's family for celebrating his Birthday in our class on Monday!
  • Mr. Carlston for PARP!
  • Parents for sending in leaves on Thursday. We had some different leaf varieties from your yards.
Square Dance Tickets for 11/13

Buy Your Square Dance tickets here! SPRING Community Partners is a not-for-profit organization in Dobbs Ferry. Food, live music, deserts, crafts and fun for all!

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