Allow Alaska Oil Rig

An Insight from Federal Government Official: Cammie McMahan



  • Alaska's oil & gas industry has driven the growth in their Economy.
  • For 40 years it has paid for most of the states operations.
  • Oil production is the reason Alaska is the only state that has no personal income or sales tax.
  • Without oil today, Alaska's economy would only be half it's current size.


  • A new oil rig would create new jobs for citizens while America's unemployment rate is 7.5%
  • 1/3 of Alaska's jobs are oil-related.
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More Alaska Oil Facts:

  • Alaska is the 2nd most oil producing state.
  • There is still expected to be 40 billion barrels of oil that can be tapped on the North Slope and offshore areas.
  • New drilling technology can reduce the footprint the industry has on the environment.
  • The ocean floor naturally seeps more oil than most spills.
  • It is proven that drilling can reduce natural seepage.
  • Offshore drilling within 200 miles of U.S. Coasts has a safety record of 99.999%.

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