Dream Career

By: Kaitlyn Shilling


I chose to become a Pediatrician. For those who do not know what that is, it is a family doctor. I really would enjoy this career because I like to help people.


To be this job, you need a Doctorate degree which is 8 years of college. I am willing to do 8 years worth of college for this job.


The yearly salary for becoming a pediatrician is $176,996.

Why I Chose This Career

I chose to get into this job because I like to help kids and my dad was a doctor so I am following him. I also chose to do this job because medicine has always been interesting to me. My last reason I chose this job is the yearly amount of money satisfies me a lot ($176,996).


I chose to go to UT Southwestern Medical School. Two things I enjoy about this school are

-Its close to home (Its in Dallas)

-It is the school my dad went to

Two things dislike about it are

-Its difficult to get into the school

-Books are very expensive ($6,018)

I will need to attend this school for 8 years. Tuition for this school is $17,163. Tuition for me to go there for all 8 years is $137,304. I Plan to pay for this by a scholarship, my parents, and work-study. I Chose to use these things to pay because I feel like i would be able to qualify for a scholarship and i wouldn't mind working at the college. I Was mainly taught that things in life aren't handed to you so i thought it would be fair for me to work and pay.

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My Sources




-My IPad Notes

-My Dad