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July 12, 2019

Mensaje del Director

Hello MSI Families!

It's hard to believe that we are almost at the middle of July! I hope that everyone is enjoying the sunny weather after all the rain we recently received. Many of the staff and I met at Raemelton for meetings and workshops in June, and all the rain kept us focused and not dreaming of being outdoors.

The weather is not the only change that is happening over the summer, and I wanted to share some changes at MSI. First, we will have three Visiting Teachers from Spain as the Kindergarten Team. Srts.. Pradillos Garcia and Jordan returned to Spain. In addition, I'm excited to write that Sra. Segura has switched grades and will be the First Grade Math Teacher. First grade is such an important year in developing a mature foundation in addition and subtraction, so having a strong math teacher like Sra. Segura in the grade is crucial. Our three Kindergarten Teachers will now be self-contained, meaning that the students will spend the day with the same teacher who will teach all the subjects. Of course, the kindergartners will still go to their P.E., Music, Art and Digital Literacy classes, and there will be plans for the students to participate in learning activities with the other kinder teachers.

Some other staff changes include an additional teacher in the fourth and fifth grades who will teach Spanish and Social Studies, and a new Middle School Social Studies Teacher replacing Sr. Santamaria, who, along with Ms. Stoops, was a great long-term substitute. Ms. Stoops and Sr. Santamaria will be missed, but we would like to welcome Sr. Ramos Cisnal to be the fourth teacher on the grades 4-5 team.

The last significant change I want to mention is a room change. We added a new group and teacher due to school growth, but we didn't have an additional empty classroom. Consequently, we have moved our Computer Science & Robotics Class/Maker Space Room and merged them with our Library to make room for the additional fourth-fifth grade classroom. The merger has led to the formerly exclusive library space being tentatively named The Inspiration Station. We will continue teaching Digital Literacy and Computer Science as a Specials and Elective along with Robotics, and the Makerspace will be open to students K-8. The library will continue to grow its collection, and students will still be able to check out books (and now magazines!).

Please read the rest of the newsletter as it contains lists of school supplies not included in the District's list along with some other news and volunteer opportunities.

Go Tygers! ¡Adelante al éxito!

--Sr. Costa

Additional School Supplies

The District has a general supply list for grades K-3, so here is a list of additional supplies needed for MSI. Please keep in mind that other materials may be needed throughout the year for projects, and some supplies may need to be replaced as they are consumed. We recommend that students keep a pair of gym shoes at school. Supplies can be dropped off during Open House and should be marked with the student's name. Please contact the school if you have any questions.

Kinder: 1 clear plastic shoe box; 1 full change of clothing (labeled in a zip-lock bag); 2 boxes of 24 count crayons; colored pencils; 1 dozen of beginner pencils; 20 glue sticks; 2 containers of wet wipes; 1 container of anti-bacterial wipes; 1 plastic two-pocket folder; hand sanitizer; 2 pocket folders with fasteners; 2 wide-ruled composition notebooks; 4 dry-erase markers; play dough (40 oz,); 2 highlighters

First Grade: 1 "draw and write" composition notebook; 1 wide-ruled composition notebook; 1 container of anti-bacterial wipes; 1 pack of white card stock paper (not construction paper); 1 one-inch three ring binder; 3 containers of playdough (any color)

Second Grade: 2 packs of colored pencils; 3 dozen mechanical pencils; 4 desk erasers; 4 wide-ruled composition notebooks; 2 one-inch binders; 7 plastic two-pocket folders with brads; 1 pack of binder dividers;hand sanitizer; multi-color construction paper (boys); 1 bottle of liquid glue; 1 pack of index cards; full change of clothing (optional); no yellow #2 pencils needed; no headphones needed

Third Grade: small pencil sharpener; colored pencils; 1 bottle of liquid glue; 20 mechanical pencils; four dry-erase markers

Fourth & Fifth Grade: pack of washable markers; 4 dry erase markers; 2 packs of colored pencils; 10 mechanical pencils; 4 pink erasers; anti-bacterial wipes; 2 composition notebooks; 2 quad-ruled (graphing) composition notebooks; 2 one-inch binders; 20 insertable tab dividers; 4 two-pocket folders with fasteners; 1 protractor; 1 ruler with standard and metric units; pack of red, blue and black pens; 1 pencil case; pair of scissors; 2 C batteries and 2 9v batteries; 1 white-out liquid or correction tape; highlighters (6 colors); no #2 yellow pencils needed

Middle School (grades 6-8): 15 .7mm mechanical pencils with extra lead; pack of black, blue and red pens; 4 spiral notebooks - college ruled; variety of colored high lighters; 8 dry erase markers; pack of colored pencils; 3 large erasers; pencil case or pouch; scissors; 1 quad-ruled (graphing) composition notebook; 1 zippable binder; 2 boxes of kleenex; glue sticks; 6 folders with fasterners; 20 insertable tab dividers; 3 packs of blank index cards (100 count); 2 packs of college-ruled lined paper; protractor (7th graders); 24 #2 pencils; 3 packs of post-it notes; scientific calculator such as Casio 991ES or Casio 115ES

** K-3 list of supplies is in addition to the district list


Spring 2019 Photos

MSI Open House

Wednesday, Aug. 21st, 5-6:30pm

240 Euclid Avenue

Mansfield, OH

Perfect time to meet the new teachers, drop off supplies and reunite with schoolmates. Hot dogs, shaved ice and a D.J. will be out front.