Prep 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 14 Christmas Term : 16th - 20th November 2015

Dates for the diary

Science Day - 24th November

Art-tastic Adventures - 25th & 26th November

Moving On Up Day- 8th December- Children will have a chance to meet their Grade 1 teacher for 2016.

Christmas Pantomime (students only) December 8th

Christmas Nativity Rehearsals:

Please ensure that your child is in school by 7:30am as we need to get them changed into their costumes before their rehearsals at 8:15am

Prep 2TGa - Monday 23rd Nov

Prep 2RDa - Tuesday 24th Nov

Prep 2AMc - Wednesday 25th Nov

Prep 2 CNe - Thursday 26th Nov.

Christmas Nativity Performances:

Please ensure you child is in school by 7:30am so we can get them changed for the performance by 8am.

MONDAY 30TH NOVEMBER Prep 2 TGa 8.15 am start

TUESDAY 1ST DECEMBER Prep 2 RDa at 8.15 am start

WEDNESDAY 2ND DECEMBER Prep 2 AMc at 8.15 am start


Exit Point for 'Seeing the LIght' unit - Monday 7 December from 7-8pm Please come to your child's classroom

Friday 11th December- Last day of term- Early Dismissal@ 11.20 pm Please note change of time

Preparing for Grade 1

Thank you to our parents and children who are showing their independence by coming into the classroom on their own and taking care of business independently.

Just a gentle reminder that no child should be coming into the classroom before 7:30am as this is preparation time for the teachers. Therefore, your child will not be supervised.

Science Day!!

Do you have a scientific background? Do you use science in your current job?

On Tuesday 24th November we will be hosting our very first Science Day here at SJIIES. The children across the grades will be conducting a number of exciting experiments, finding the answers to mind boggling questions and participating in numerous WOW moments. To help raise the profile of Science in school we would love some parents to come and join us on this spectacular day! You could share some presentations of how you use science in your line of work or amaze us with a favourite experiment.

If you are able to help please contact your child's class room teacher.

IPC team
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Christmas Nativity

We have excitedly started our preparations for this years Christmas Nativity and are busy learning songs and actions. In order to help build our virtues of responsibility, courage, and confidence, most children have been given a line or two to say, to help the wonderful Christmas story come to life. It would be helpful if you could spend some time with your child learning and reciting their line(s), as these will be performed from memory. The children get a lot of satisfaction from contributing to a performance this way and I know they will be delighted to be learning with family members at home.

Creating the setting for our spectacular Nativity play

IPC - Seeing the Light

In our Unit of Work this week we have completed our research on festivals of light. The children worked in small group/pairs to find out about the significance of light in festivals and celebrations from their host and home countries.

We found out about many religious festivals, such as Diwali, Holi, Hanukkah and Bonfire Night. Also, many New Year celebrations (including Lunar New Year) feature fireworks and the making of lanterns. We also considered what other celebrations might feature candles and lanterns and thought of birthdays, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The children created their own firework pictures and produced some rather lovely creative drawings!

Language Arts

This week, we learnt 3 spelling patterns that has the same sound - ir, er, and ur. Prep 2s are getting really skilled at looking out for these spelling patterns and thinking of words that may have these patterns. Have a look out for these spelling patterns at home like Geraldine Giraffe.

In Writer's Workshop, we have been looking at illustrations and settings. We looked at how some characters are bad and how some are good. We noticed that the bad characters have sharp teeth and claws, some have flies flying around them (stinky), and their eye brows are straight. Good characters smile, they look pretty/handsome, clean and neat. We then tried to draw our own good and bad characters.

Our new CAFE strategy this week is 'Jabber the Reteller'. This strategy is about being able to re tell a story when we have read it to show our understanding. A story has a beginning, middle and end. We show good comprehension skills when we can retell a story using our own words.


We’ve been learning how to tell time this week. What time do we come to school? What time do we have lunch? What time do we go to bed? So many things revolve around time. We discussed the importance of a clock and how it helps us everyday with our routines. We look at the different parts of an analog clock and what it does. We also practiced counting in 5s to identify the minutes. The children made their own analog clocks using paper plates and used their clocks to correspond to special times in the day, such as brain food time, playtime or story time. We mounted the clocks on the wall and referenced them throughout the day, asking children to point out the actual time and the event it signals. "What time is it? 10 o'clock -- that's Chinese lesson time!"

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This week we have looked at Gentleness.

Next week, we will be practising Compassion.

You are practising Compassion when:

  • You notice when someone is hurt or needs a friend.
  • You forgive others when they make mistakes.
  • You take time to care.
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