Comedic Revolution

Women taking the comedy world by storm

Tina Fey

Whether she is playing Liz Lemon on "30 Rock", writing a hit TV Show, or impersonating Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live Tina Fey is sure to make you laugh. If you're a woman wondering how to make it in show business, Fey's autobiography Bossypants is a must for your reading list.

Amy Poehler

Who doesn't love Amy Poehler? Her character, Leslie Knope, on the Emmy winning TV Show Parks and Recreation is her greatest claim to fame. But those who knew her on SNL know where she truly shined: The Weekend Update desk alongside Tina Fey and eventually Seth Meyers. Her most popular bits being her Sarah Palin Rap in which a nine-month pregnant Poehler spat some rhymes on behalf of the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate and Really With Seth and Amy where Meyers and Poehler would sarcastically taunt political decisions.

Kristen Wiig

It is impossible to forget Wiig's performance in the blockbuster movie, Bridesmaids but where was Wiig before she was Annie? That's right, Saturday Night Live. Chances are, if you have a favorite sketch from the 2010's, Wiig was the female star of it. She played a multitude of recurring characters including Target Lady, half of Garth and Kat, and Doonise. Wiig was never afraid of looking crazy on camera, making her sketches hilarious.

Maya Rudolph

Yet another star from Bridesmaids that began her career in studio 8H as a member of the SNL cast. Rudolph provided a many of funny characters in hit sketches. Her recurring role of hit singer Beyonce was her claim to fame, but her other characters included Maya Angelou, and part of the trio singing "Santa's My Boyfriend". Rudolph was sure to turn any sketch into hilarity as soon as she walked on stage.