Julius Ceasar

King of the Rome Empire/Dictator,General


Allegedly a desentant of the Trojan Prince Aeneas ,Julius Caesar acspicious bith ,c.July 12 or 13 maked the beginnig of a new chapther in Rome history.This led to a senatorial coup and Caesar eventual assassinaton on the ides of march.

Julius Caesar's Life

Julius Caesar was born in 100 BC in Rome to a well known ,but not rich family.The young Ceasar left Rome for military service in Asia and Cilicia.When dictator Sulla died,he returend,and began his political career as a prosecuting advocate.He traveld to Rhodes for some studies and,on the way he was kidnapped by pirates.He convienced his captor to raise his ransom ,then organized a naval force capture the pirates and put then to death.He held a number off goverment position under pompey, and was elected consul in  BC.In 59he also became governor of Gaul and Spain.In 55 BC he attemped an inasion of britain.Three years later,in 52 BC ,he defeted a union of Gauls.
He was made dictator for life in 45 BC.Caesar used his power to fill the senate with his own partisans while setting te precedent of requring the senate to bestow honours and titles upon him.
Caesar was assassinated in the Rome senate ides of march of 44 BC by a grup of conspirators cincluding his adopted son ,Bruts who wanted to save Rome from alleged monarchical ambitions.His famous last words were immortalised by Shakespere as "YOU TO BRUTS?"His dead led to the end of the Rome Republic. Caesar had been popular with the middle and lower classes, who became anrgy that he had been killed by a small number of aristrocrats.They turend into a mob in Caesar funeral and attacked the homes of Bruts and Cassius.Caesar heir Gaius Octavin, who was his great grand nephew , played on their discontent and raised and army to fight the  troops gathered by Bruts and Cassius.

By: Saida Rubio