Animal testing

Should animals be used for testing?

what is animal testing

Animal testing started around 300 BCE with Aristatel and Erasistratus because they wanted to learn how the body works because before that people had to make it up so it made more sense. over the years people began to think that animal testing cruel and started to put up protests. Why are animals used to test drugs? Due to the many benefits for humans animals should be used to research drugs.

Animal testing will save human lives

According to, medical breakthroughs such as open heart surgery, organ transplant, and effective insulin have already resulted due to animal testing.

they also said, products using animal testing including life support machines.

Animal testing ensures the safety of drugs and other substances

According to planet-science, poison centers are able to aid parents when a child has swallowed a harmful product because of toxicity testing.They also said, animal testing could safely test drugs without harmful consequences for humans.