Family Fox Facts

October 18, 2019

Gift Card Order Forms are Due MONDAY!

Halloween Dance

The Halloween dance is Friday, October 25th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. I put the wrong time on the October News & Notes! So sorry about that!

ALL students must be accompanied by an adult. No one may be dropped off without an adult to attend the dance.

NJHS students working the event are under different circumstances.

We will have parent patrols in the hallways to keep students from roaming the school unnecessarily. They will be wearing patrol vests and I would appreciate it if you would let your children know they should mind what those adults say if they wander into areas where they should not be.

Congratulations to our PAWS Winners!

Ms. Pollack: Viya Solanki

Ms. Potter: Michael Oluwagbemi

Ms. Sylvester: Ali Alnajjar

Mrs. Thompson: Adriana Kalember

Mrs. Duffy: Kendall Dang

Mrs. Litwiller: Riley Tamos

Mrs. O’Dekirk: Olivia Martin

Ms. Askeland: Nia Stone

Ms. Oczkowski: Yumma Haque

Mrs. Valentour: Claire Madden

Mr. Dvorak: Payton Oldham

Mrs. Soukup: Olivia Kaegebein

Mrs. Drevalas: Bianka Jaramillo

Mrs. Johnson: Isaiah Santos

Mrs. White: Jovani Kladis

Ms. Link: Kindah Abuillan

Ms. Wright: Anson LIng

Mrs Bell: Kashan Baig

Mrs. Nickels: Gage Bryant

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Thanks to our WONDERFUL PTO, the students experienced a fantastic performance from Matt Whilhelm on Thursday! Matt showed them some great tricks on his BMX bike! The most important thing from the assembly, however, was his message of not giving up! He lost as many times, if not more, than he won! He talked about perseverance, doing your best, and learning from failing!

Thank you PTO for such a great assembly!

The Third Time WAS the Charm!

Today was a perfect day to do our Walk-A-Thon! The kids enjoyed themselves and the weather cooperated beautifully! AND Wilson was able to make it to congratulate the kids and Kindergarten for their great work raising all that money for Meadowview!