The Middle College Option

Benefits for Potential Students

Middle College Is:

  • A joint program between SUHSD and Canada College, established in 1999
  • A dual enrollment program in which all students attend three Middle College high school classes daily (12:30-3:05pm) on the college campus and additionally take a minimum of three college courses in the morning and/or evening
  • Open to all qualified SUHSD juniors and seniors

Benefits of the Program for Students:

  • Earn college credits while still in high school
  • Mature learning environment
  • Access to courses not available at high school
  • Increased individual attention
  • Supported transition from high school to college
  • Savings in time and money since they're earning college credit
  • Students entering as juniors will earn at least a year's worth of transferable college credit by graduation
  • Access to resources at both the college and home high school
  • Middle College is FREE to students

Who Should Apply:

  • Sophomores and juniors
  • Students demonstrating an ability level that would suggest they could succeed in college courses, regardless of GPA (strong test scores, positive teacher recs)
  • Students who may not already be "tapped in" to special programs and services offered by their home high school (IB/AP, AVID, Academy, etc)
  • Students who may not have the additional help and resources they need to understand their college opportunities (e.g. first generation students)
  • Students who may be in ICAP/AS as sophomores, but not going onto IB/AP as a junior
  • Students who may have stumbled academically in sophomore year and think all is lost in terms of A-G/college eligibility (we can sometimes work magic)
  • Students who may be motivated by college course offerings not available at HS
  • Students who can handle the responsibility and freedom of a college campus

To Help You Better Understand If This Will Work For You:

  • Talk with your high school counselor about Middle College
  • Contact us directly to ask us questions: 306-3120
  • Submit an application--once the application is complete, we will contact eligible candidates and conduct a personal interview with the potential student and a parent
  • Students will also need to complete a college application
  • Keep in mind that we will be accepting applications for fall 2020 through March 20th and then interviewing students/families in April
  • Email us: Last names A-E; Last names F-L; Last names M-R; Last names S-Z

Application Timeline

Application available Jan 1st-- click HERE

Application Due:
  • Friday, March 20
  • Students who have a complete application in by the deadline have priority over anyone with an incomplete or late application

Interviews Conducted:

  • During the month of April--scheduled on an individual basis


  • All students know acceptance status by the end of May

Some of Our Graduates

Yearbook Photo!

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Middle College Instructors

Lisa Gleaton--US History + College & Career Readiness

Jen Petroelje--English IV + College & Career Readiness
Marin Holt--Econ/Gov't + College & Career Readiness
Jen Buchanan--English III + College & Career Readiness

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students earn a HS diploma?
  • Yes. All students must meet requirements of their home high school and will then receive a diploma from that home high school. However, since students are meeting some of these requirements through college coursework, they are also getting actual college credits.
Can students still attend prom and participate in sports?
  • Yes. All students are able to participate in their home high school activities.
What kinds of kids attend Middle College?
  • All kinds. We have a wide variety of students who all work well together and come to know each other like a big family. Some come for academic reasons, others to be part of a smaller social environment.
How much homework is there for college classes?
  • The homework load varies based on the types of classes a student takes. In general, there is more reading required and fewer written assignments. Often a course will consist of two midterms and a final, with few if any, smaller homework assignments.