For Different Ages

Appropriate for teenagers

For teenagers the purchase and use of contraceptives can at times be difficult and awkward. Some contraceptives are quite extreme and are quite costly. Teenagers often do not have sufficient funds to purchase effective contraceptives. Some recommended contraceptives are for teenagers are condoms as they are cheap and effective and easy to obtain. For females the use of contraceptive pill is recommended, effective and fairly safe. All these contraceptives are most effective if used correctly.

Appropriate for young adults

Young adults needs in contraceptives are different from teenagers. Couple might decide that they wish to have sex but not want to run the risk of falling pregnant. In this circumstance certain contraceptives such as the condom and contraceptive pill are effective for this situation. Normally couples at this age are willing to take on the commitment of having a child lead alone use contraceptives. Another common ways for couples is the use of the chemicals; oestrogen and progestogen.

Appropriate for older adults

Older adults; normally with children may rely on more effective and/or expensive methods of contraception. The mentality of this is now that they have children they don't want to have anymore but they still want to experience the pleasure of having sexual intercourse. The use of basic contraceptive methods is often employed, although older couples have the money and means to have more "extreme" contraceptives. Some of these methods include the permanent choices of sterilization in males and females; the closing of the fallopian tubes and the closing of sperm carrying tubes. Other ways include surgical methods such as placing plastic or rubber as a form of a barrier to stop the sperm cells fertilizing the egg for extended periods of time.