Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

May 2, 2013

May showers bring flowers?

Mr. Michael's class has released the salmon, our sixth grade visited SMS this morning, and next year's kindergarten class will be visiting next week. These events along with our primary concert next Thursday and the Talent Show the following Tuesday, make it seem like the end of school is just around the corner, and it is.

Everything is well in order here for the end of the year. Now it is time to start thinking about next year (at least for me.) One of the big changes next year is our morning program. The Boys and Girls Club will be offering supervision in the mornings beginning at 7:30 each morning, so if you or someone you know needs to be able to drop off kids at school in time to get to town by 8am, there is a safe, warm, and dry place here. Students will be able to finish homework, or just relax until breakfast is ready at 8:30. Kids just need to be Boys and Girls Club members to participate.

The yearbooks came in, so we will be sending them home with students who purchased them soon. The spring portraits will go home at the same time. If you did not order a yearbook, there are only 5-10 left so please call or drop by soon if you want one.

Our staffing for next year should be the same as it was this year, in that we will have the same number of teachers. Of course we cannot be 100% sure until we see the "whites of their (students) eyes," in the fall. It looks like right now we will have one Pre-K/Title One teacher (Mrs. Granger,) one interventionist (Mrs. Fowler,) two kindergarten teachers, (Mrs. Blossom and Mrs. Young,) two first grade teachers (Mrs. Hopkins and Mrs. Painter,) one second grade teacher (Mrs. Bosick,) one third grade teacher (Mrs. Gossett,) one fourth grade teacher (Mr. Michael,) one fifth grade teacher (Mr. Mills,) and one sixth grade teacher (Mrs. Werner.) Our para support will be staffed at the same level as well.

I hope all your spring/summer plans are coming together.


Doug Hayman

From the Library

The Black Lagoon continues at Tustumena Elementary. We have two Black Lagoon contests going on right now. We have a “Tustumena Black Lagoon” monster that the students helped Mike Thaler draw. The first contest is to name this monster. The winning student will receive the poster. The second contest is to draw “Mrs. Green” from the Black Lagoon. The student with the best drawing will win a Mrs. Green poster drawn by Mike Thaler. Turn your monster names and posters in at the Library. Be sure your name and teacher’s name is on your name vote and poster. Both of these contests will end Friday May 10.