1968 Chevrolet camaro

Base price: $2,670 (in 1968)

1968 camaro

The vehicle was assembled in General Motors in Detroit Michigan.

The first gen. camaros where produced from 1967-1969.

In 1968 they made a total of 235,147 camaros.

There was a v-6 option or a v-8 option. You could get a stick shift or an automatic transmission.

it would cost $314.75 a month. (1968)

about 7 mpg with a true 350SS and headers (and driving fast whenever I can)

350-375 horses stock 350SS engine.

i wanna do a ls6 swap with a super charger (about $1200)

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Fully loaded: $3,777 (in 1968)

I chose this vehicle because I have always liked the older cars especially the camaro. It has always stood out to me from other cars.