Come to Carolina!

The perfect destination for new world settlers!

WANTED: Individuals to settle new colony in the Carolinas

We are looking for settlers who want a fresh start in a new world colony. This settlement is in the Carolinas, which has many good resources and farming land. It is a plantation colony so, if you are a farmer we could use your help! Here we would grow many different kinds of cash crops that would make us wealthy! There are many rivers and streams for a plentiful water supply. There is abundant wildlife for hunting and fishing, so food will not be a problem. There is also very good farmland here. Half of the places you go, you can throw a seed down and it will grow! You'll want to jump on this opportunity because someday this might be a huge tourist destination!

Things to bring...

  • Ax- for chopping trees to build houses and for firewood
  • Musket & Knife - defense against natives and wild animals and for hunting & skinning
  • Farming tools- for farming the land to grow food for you as well as cash crops
  • Sewing materials (needle and thread)- for mending and making new clothes
  • Hats- to prevent getting sunburned by the strong Carolina sun
  • Clothing for all seasons- summers are hot and winters are cold!
  • Seeds- to start a farm of plants, cash crops, food, etc.
  • Fishing net/line- to catch fish