Diane Calka

Diane Calka Is An Honest And Reliable Pet Sitter

Diane Calka Is An Honest And Reliable Pet Sitter

Are you planning to go on vacation without your dog? Need to leave your dog for the weekend? You might want to hire a pet sitter. This will make your trip less stressful. Diane Calka is a competent and reliable pet sitter who specializes in taking care of pets in the most delicate manner. almost 8 years of experience and knowledge of pet care. She is the owner of 'Your Pets My Passion'- pet sitting business where she is handling variety of duties and responsibilities very diligently. She has worked for multiple doggie day camps, Petsmart, for a vet, Old Greenwich Riverside Community Center as a travel soccer administrator.

Keep your desires practical. Typically, a pet sitter will encourage the pet to eat or feed them on time, let them out or walk them, change litter boxes and do whatever else is expected to watch over the pets. Diane Calka guarantees of taking proper care of a pet and get paid for it accordingly. She is is dedicated towards offering the best services to her clients. She has wonderful people relation skills and has the ability to proficiently handle extensive administrative responsibilities.

When arranging a meeting with a pet sitter, it is a wise idea to establish exactly what duties you require him or her to perform and how frequently you need these tasks carried out. However, dogs may need more regular visits. It would be helpful if you draw up a list of the chores you would like the sitter to fulfill. Diane Calka also says that it is also advisable to let her know about every important information regarding your pet like medical problems, special requirements and veterinarian's number in case of emergency.

Diane Calka has a huge clientele around the region because of her honesty and reliability. She handles all of her duties and responsibilities very diligently. Most of the clients she get are by references. She is also well-versed with all the training techniques of dogs like how to make them active through various activities. She knows how to maintain cordial relations with the pet-owners.

When Diane Calka is not engaged with caring for pets, she likes to ride her scooter, her bike. She is also fond of doing lots of art and crafts. While taking her dog for a walk, she also exercise and does workout everyday, go for long walks. She also likes to hear bands.